Integrated Genomics

IGF's summer 2015

Biomek FXP system is available at IGF

IGF news 2013

Synergy H1Hybrid Multi-Mode Microplate Reader (BioTek) and the QIAgility Liquid Handling System (Qiagen) are available at IGF!

IGF news 2012

CFX 96 Real-Time PCR system from Bio-Rad is available!

A new sequencing technology is available!

The MiSeq personal sequencing system from Illumina. It is capable of generating ~2 Gb (2X150bp) per run.

Longer, Sanger-like 454 reads are available!



Seed Grants  2009-2010

Supported by K-State Targeted Excellence

The KSU Integrated Genomics Facility is soliciting research proposals from scientists at Kansas State University for seed grants. These grants will provide up to $10,000 of facility service support covering the cost of one full run on the GS FLX sequencing instrument and preliminary analysis of sequence data. The major goal of this program is to provide investigators with resources to generate preliminary data for future grant proposals or to explore how next-generation sequencing technology can be used in their research.

A Total of 10 seed grants were awarded to:

1. Tony Grace, Anthony Joern, Susan Brown, Samantha Wisely, Doina Caragea


2. Jianfa Bai, T.G. Nagaraja, Frank White

3. Mark C. Ungerer, Takeshi Kawakami

4. Richard Todd

5. Christopher Toomajian

6. Loretta Johnson, Eduard Akhunov, Karen Garrett, Miranda Gray

7. Xiaoyan Tang, Frank White, Gerald Reeck, John Reese

8. Michael A. Herman, Timothy C. Todd

9. Barbara Valent, Xiaoyan Tang, Megan Kennelly, William Bockus

10. Kathrin Schrick