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Fee Schedule Integrated Genomics Facility

 Using the equipment in the facility will be charged based on the fee schedule below that is approved by the university authorities. Please submit an IDR (inter-departmental requisition) and sign-in on the log sheets. Sign in is not required for using the Nanodrop spectrophotometer, but please bring an IDR if you are the 1st one in your lab to use the instrument. Each lab will be charged $50 annually.

The internal (Kansas State University research labs, institutes, centers and other affiliates) and external charging schedule for using the Integrated Genomics Facility is listed below. If you are the 1st-time user, please contact us for reservation related issue.

Demonstration and utilization of the facility for teaching purposes are free of charge.

Description Internal External
TruSeq mRNA library prep $250 N/A
TruSeq small RNA library prep $275 N/A
TruSeq DNA library prep $225 N/A
MiSeq Sequencing run (300, 500 cycles), 2X150; 1X250; 2X250 $1,300 N/A
MiSeq Sequencing run (50 cycles), 2X25 or 1X50 $900 N/A
MiSeq Sequencing run (600 cycles), 2X300 or 1X300 $1,756 N/A
GS FLX Titanium Sequencing full plate (per run) $8,000 $11,000
454 shotgun Library construction (per library) $340 $340
Titration: we do not charge anything extra for the library titration. It is already included into our fees. $0 $0
3 KB Paired End library preparation (per library) $1,200 N/A
8 and 20 KB Paired End library preparation (per library) $1,500 N/A
cDNA / BAC DNA preparation for 454 sequencing $200 N/A
cDNA normalization for 454 sequencing $800 N/A
Covaris based DNA fragmentation $10/sample N/A
Agilent Bioanalyzer run, DNA or RNA Nano chip $40/chip N/A
Agilent Bioanalyzer run, DNA high-sensitivity, RNA Pico or Small RNA chip $45/chip N/A
Bio-Rad iCycler/ CFX 96 Real-Time detection system $15/run N/A
NanoDrop Spectrophotometer $50/year N/A
Affymetrix GeneChip processing $305/chip $ 360/chip
Qubit DNA or RNA quantification $3/ sample N/A
Reagents and commercial kits At cost 
+ shared S&H 
At cost
+ shared S&H