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Most Americans do not know about the many health benefits of eating just one, two or three extra servings of whole grain foods each day.  You can influence your wellness level by eating a healthful diet. By choosing a variety of whole grain products each day, you will reap many natural health benefits now, plus reduce your risk of many major chronic diseases in the future. Indeed, eating whole grain foods is associated with a 15 to 25 percent reduction in premature death from all causes.

Several links about Whole Grains are listed below. For more information, Dr. Mary Meck Higgins, PhD, RD, LD at 785-532-1671 or by email at

  • Healthful Whole Grains Fact Sheet -- Facts about Healthful Whole Grains from K-State Research and Extension 
  • USDA -- Information about the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 
  • Healthy People 2020 -- Home page for Healthy People 2020 health care goals 
  • Foodfit. -- Guide to Grains, with a summary of various whole grains, including a color photograph of each kind and recipes 
  • The Cook's Thesaurus -- defines and pictures a variety of whole grains 
  • Kansas Wheat Commission -- Wheat facts and nutrition education fact sheets about various whole grains, whole wheat recipes and cooking tips, grains teaching materials for children and poster 
  • Hodgson Mill-- recipe site from a company that sells whole grains 
  • Google Directory -- a long list of web links to recipes made with different whole grains
  • Wheat Foods Council -- Wheat Foods Council site with a variety of grains nutrition information 
  • Eat Better America Recipes -- General Mills company web site, featuring whole grain nutrition education resources 
  • Kraft Foods Healthy Recipes -- Post brand company’s web site, featuring whole grain nutrition education 
  • Quaker Oatmeal -- home page for Quaker Oats, with nutrition information and recipes 
  • Barley Foods -- the National Barley Foods Council home page, with nutrition information and recipes
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