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Kansans Move Into Health Series

Kansans Move into Health helps individuals identify healthy lifestyle behaviors, overcome barriers that could prevent them from being healthy, and set goals for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Each of the lessons listed below are available for purchase through K-State Research and Extension Publications.

 Take control over behaviors that may be affecting your health.

Kansans Move into Health includes eight lessons:                                    

Where Do I Stand—Addresses beliefs that may be hindering participants from meeting their goals and assess their current attitudes toward physical activity and consuming a healthy diet. Click here for the Leader's Guide.

Eating for HealthFocuses on identifying internal motivators for leading a healthy and active lifestyle. Click here for the Leader's Guide.

Taking It to the StoreTeaches participants how to read nutrition facts labels, identify healthier products in the grocery store, and recognize the benefits associated with aerobic exercises. Click here for the Leader's Guide.

Everything in ModerationEmphasizes moderation and portion control in choosing a healthy diet and demonstrates the importance of weight-bearing exercises. Click here for the Leader's Guide.

What’s in a Snack Highlights the benefits of snacking between meals and the importance of stretching and flexibility. Click here for the Leader's Guide.

Taking it to the StreetsProvides tips for dining out to help participants maintain a sense of control over their food intake as well as suggestions for maintaining a physically active lifestyle when away from home. Click here for the Leader's Guide.

The Real DealCompares the difference between health information received from a reputable source versus a quackery source and points out the benefits of hydro exercises. Click here for the Leader's Guide.

The Ups and Downs of Emotional EatingAssists participants with identifying personal triggers associated with emotional hunger and highlights benefits associated with stress-reducing activities such as yoga. Click here for the Leader's Guide.

For more information about the Kansans Move Into Health Series, contact Dr. Tandalayo Kidd, Ph.D, RD, LPN, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, Department of Human Nutrition, K-State Research and Extension, 203 Justin Hall, Manhattan, KS  66506. Phone: 785-532-0154;FAX 785-532-1678; E-mail: martan@ksu.edu

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