Made-Ahead Meals: Freezing Food for Multiple Meals

The following list of recommended resources from various states' Extension nutrition specialists provide advice on how one can cook on one day for multiple meals. Cooking once and eating twice or three times can save time and money. Preparing made-ahead meals requires knowledge of what kinds of foods freeze well and attention to safe food handling.

Freezing convenience foods that you've prepared at home -- from Oregon State University Extension Service

Make-Ahead Meals -- from The University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service

Family Mealtimes -- from The University of Wyoming, Montana State University, and University of Idaho

Cook Once, Eat Twice -- from The University of Nebraska- Lincoln Extension in Lancaster County

Freezing Home-Prepared Foods -- University of Wisconsin-Extension

Freezing Prepared Foods -- from Clemson Cooperative Extension Service

Freezing Combination Main Dishes -- from Ohio State University Extension

Preserving Food: Freezing Animal Products -- from University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service

Freezing Basics -- from University of Missouri-Columbia Extension

Freezing Basics -- from Ohio State University Extension