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Vary Your Protein: Fact Sheet.  Description: This 8 page fact sheet addresses how to choose a wide variety of lean or low-fat protein-rich foods and answers practical questions about them. Includes ways to make protein-rich foods more affordable and tips to handle and store protein-rich foods safely.

Vary Your Protein: Leader's Guide. Description: 4 pages.  Training material to encourage people to use a variety of protein-rich, low-fat foods. 


How to Cook Dry Beans 

Vary Your Protein Meal Planning or Recording Worksheet 

Vary Your Protein Recipes Chart

Choose Healthful Seafood                                               

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Dr. Mary Meck Higgins, Ph.D., R.D., L.D., Extension Specialist, Human Nutrition and Associate Professor, Department of Human Nutrition, Room 202 Justin Hall, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS  66506. Phone: 785-532-1671. email:


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For a variety of educational physical activities, slides and handouts, including a non-interactive word game, visit Steps to a Healthy You Module 2: Eating Healthy