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CAUTION: Recommendations in these publications may be obsolete and even in violation of present laws regulating the use of pesticides. This is a sampling of the hundreds of circulars, bulletins, and other publications (for a total of more than 24,000 pages) the Agricultural Experiment Station published before 1946. They are included here as a matter of historical interest.

Contents of Bulletin 136, Press Bulletins 125-151, SB136.PDF, 534K June 1906.
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125. Meadow Fescue
126. Corn Ensilage for Steers
127. Rabies, or Hydrophobia
128. Preventive Work against the Hessian Fly
129. Bromus Inermis
130. Poison for Prairie-Dogs and Other Rodents
131. Warbles or Grubs in Cattle
132. The Common Garden Mole
133. Grasshopper Poisons
134. Baby Beef
135. Ring-Bone and Spavin
136. Contagious Abortion in Cattle
137. Some Troubles of Swine
138. Testing Seed-corn for Vitality
139. Garget (Congestion of the Udder)
140. Kansas Experiment Station Egg-Laying Contest
141. Swine Feeding Test with Sorghum-seed Meal, Kafir-corn Meal, Soybean Meal and Corn-meal
142. Summer Pruning
143. Preparing Fruits for Exhibition
144. The Garden Web-Worm
145. A Shade-Tree Pest: The Fall Web-Worm
146. Testing Winter Wheat Varieties for Western Kansas
147. Kansas Experiment Station Egg-Laying Contest
148. A Troublesome Parasite of the Horse
149. Swine Feeding Tests--Armour's Deodorized Meat Meal and Alfalfa Hay as Supplementary Feeds to Corn
150. The San Jose Scale in Kansas
151. Baby Beef Production with Western Feeds

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