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CAUTION: Recommendations in these publications may be obsolete and even in violation of present laws regulating the use of pesticides. This is a sampling of the hundreds of circulars, bulletins, and other publications (for a total of more than 24,000 pages) the Agricultural Experiment Station published before 1946. They are included here as a matter of historical interest.

Contents of Bulletin 119, Press Bulletins 71-124, SB119.PDF, 344K Sept. 1903.
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71. Experience in Soiling and Pasturing Cows, 1899
72. Fattening Steers without Hogs
73. Cultivated Blue-grasses
74. Some Interesting Climbers for the Veranda
75. The Races of Corn
76. Sugar Beets in Kansas, 1900
77. Honeysuckles at the Kansas Station
78. Johnson Grass
79. A Digestion Experiment with Buffalo-grass Hay
80. Notes on Plums
81. Soybeans in Kansas in 1900
82. Disking Alfalfa
83. Clovers
84. Tests of Soybeans by Kansas Farmers in 1900
85. Roots for Kansas Farmers
86. Kafir-corn versus Good Butter
87. When to Cut Alfalfa
88. Condimental Stock Food for Dairy Cows
89. Shelled Corn Compared with Corn Chop for Young Calves
90. Dried Blood as a Tonic for Young Calves
91. The Clover-hay Worm
92. Cow-peas as a Second Crop
93. Baby Beef
94. Three Ways of Feeding Milk to Calves
95. Skim-milk Calves in the Feed-lot
96. Feeding Wheat
97. Inquiries Concerning Prairie-dogs and Gophers
98. What Shall We Feed?
99. Fall Seeding of Alfalfa
100. Sorghum Pasture for Dairy Cows
101. The Hessian Fly
102. Maintenance Ration for Cattle
103. Grain Weevils
104. Cattle Distemper
105. Sore Mouth of Cattle
106. Profit in Maintaining the Milk Flow
107. Cerebritis or "Staggers" in Horses
108. Destroying Prairie-dogs--A Preliminary Report
109. Destroying Pocket-gophers
110. Corn Improvement
111. Onion Notes
112. Pneumonia in Cattle
113. Pasture Weeds--Their Prevention and Eradication
114. Whole Kafir-corn Compared with Ground Kafir-corn for Young Calves
115. Contagious Sore Eyes in Cattle
116. Glanders and Farcy
117. Ergotism
118. Scab or Itch in Cattle
119. Poison for Prairie-dogs and Pocket-gophers
120. Better Bred Grain and Corn for Kansas
121. Fistulous Withers and Poll-evil
122. Pasture for Hogs
123. A Test of Hand Separators
124. Late Crops

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