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CAUTION: Recommendations in these publications may be obsolete and even in violation of present laws regulating the use of pesticides. This is a sampling of the hundreds of circulars, bulletins, and other publications (for a total of more than 24,000 pages) the Agricultural Experiment Station published before 1946. They are included here as a matter of historical interest.

Contents of Bulletin 99, Press Bulletins 35-70, SB099.PDF, 190K Oct. 1900.
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35. Dysentery in Calves and Other Young Animals
36. Experiments with Swine-Plague or Hog-Cholera
37. Kafir-corn, Alfalfa Hay and Soybeans for Pork
38. What is a Digestion Experiment?
39. Skim-milk Calves
40. Orchard Cultivation
41. A Digestion Experiment with Alfalfa Hay
42. To Rid the House of Flies
43. Selection of Seed Wheat
44. The Profitable Strawberry Bed
45. Early Plowing and Moisture Conservation
46. Soybeans
47. Awnless Brome-grass
48. The Kansas Experiment Station
49. A Horn-fly Trap Experiment
50. Infectious Abortion in Cattle
51. Alfalfa in Eastern Kansas
52. Some Nitrogenous Forage-Plants
53. Experiments with Sugar Beets in 1899 and 1900
54. Kafir-corn
55. Plant Breeding by Bud Selection
56. Digestion Experiments with Kafir-corn Stover and Kafir-corn Meal
57. Protective Inoculation against Blackleg in Cattle
58. Questions about Forage Plants
59. How to Test the Vitality of Garden Seeds
60. Gophers and Crab-grass versus Alfalfa
61. Salsify, or Oyster Plant
62. Tame Grasses for Kansas
63. Bromus Inermis
64. Prevention of Grain Smuts
65. Horn-fly Remedies
66. Causes of Failure in Spraying
67. The Cultivated Catalpas
68. The Buffalo Tree-Hopper
69. The Cultivated Millets
70. Botanical Notes on Wheat and Spelt

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