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CAUTION: Recommendations in these publications may be obsolete and even in violation of present laws regulating the use of pesticides. This is a sampling of the hundreds of circulars, bulletins, and other publications (for a total of more than 24,000 pages) the Agricultural Experiment Station published before 1946. They are included here as a matter of historical interest.

Contents of Bulletin 86, Press Bulletins 1-34, SB086.PDF, 196K, June 1899.
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1. Wheat Experiments
2. Keeping Milk in Hot Weather
3. The Fringed-Wing Apple-Bud Moth
4. Soil Moisture and Soil Stirring
5. Blackleg
6. The Sand Plum
7. Kaffir Corn for Fattening Pigs
8. Some Reasons Why Fruit Does Not Set
9. The Peach Twig-Borer
10. Fall Preparation for Alfalfa
11. Celery
12. The Balanced Ration
13. Seed Breeding
14. The Fruit-Tree Bark-Beetle
15. Kansas Sugar Beets for 1898
16. Actinomycosis (Lump Jaw, Big Jaw)
17. Hardy Ornamental Shrubs
18. Notes on Weeds
19. The Potato-Stalk Weevil
20. Possibilities in Corn Improvement
21. Winter Protection of Peach Buds
22. Grazing Grasses of Western Kansas
23. The Spring Canker-Worm
24. A New Crop for Kansas Farmers (Soybeans)
25. Alfalfa Hay for Fattening Hogs
26. Taenia Fimbriata (Fringed Tape-Worm)
27. Sugar Beet Experiments for 1899
28. Treatment of Winter-Injured Trees
29. Milking Scrub Cows
30. Lice on Animals
31. Potato Scab
32. Blackleg (A) Prevention
33. Blackleg (B) Treatment--Prevention
34. Get Ready for the Drouth

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