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Keeping up with Research 2001-Present

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Austrian Winter Pea, SRL142, 174K
Volunteer Corn in Fallow, SRL141, 314K
Evaluation of Soybean Varieties for Iron-deficiency Chlorosis, SRL140, 550K
Walnut and Scotch Pine Trees Grown with Farm Crops, SRL139, 225K
Weed Control with Imazaquin and Pendimethalin around Newly Planted Shrub and Tree Seedlings, SRL138, 254K
Assessing the Effectiveness of Various Riparian Buffer Vegetation Types, SRL137, 119K
A History of Wheat Improvement at Kansas State University, SRL136, 160K
Synthetic Weed Barrier Mulches for Promoting Survival and Growth of Tree Seedlings, SRL135, 205K
Relationship between Tillering and Grain Yield of Kansas Wheat Varieties, SRL134,134K
Planting Date Effects on Tiller Development and Productivity of Wheat, SRL133, 103K
Acronyms Used in Agricultural Literature, SRL132, 55K
Late Emergence Effects on Agronomic Characteristics of Wheat, SRL131, 22K
Grain Quality Components of Corn Hybrids, SRL130, 447K
Effects of Alfalfa on Wheat Establishment, SRL129, 224K
Performance of Wheat Variety Blends in Kansas, SRL128, 70K

Riparian Forests Protect Streambanks, SRL122rev, 2010, 538K

Keeping up with Research, 1974-2000

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