Publications of the Agricultural Experiment Station

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Historical Publications
CAUTION: Recommendations in historical publications may be obsolete and in violation of laws regulating pesticide use. They are included here as a matter of historical interest.

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1. Organization, Equipment, and Aims, 1888 SB001.PDF, 24K
2. Experience with Cultivated Grasses and Clovers, 1888 SB002.PDF, 45K
3. Life-History of Two Orchard Pests, 1888 SB003.PDF, 187K
4. Experiments with Wheat, 1888 SB004.PDF, 110K
5. Sorghum and Sorghum Blight, 1888 SB005.PDF, 679K
6. Silos and Ensilage, 1889 SB006.PDF, 110K
7. Experiments with Wheat, 1889 SB007.PDF, 198K
8. Preliminary Report on Smut in Oats, 1889 SB008.PDF, 523K
9. Experiment in Pig Feeding, 1889 SB009.PDF, 175K
10. Notes on Conifers for Kansas Planters, 1890 SB010.PDF, 53K
11. Experiments with Wheat, 1890 SB011.PDF, 110K
12. Preliminary Experiments with Fungicides for Stinking Smut of Wheat SB012.PDF, 430K
13. Experiments with Oats, 1890 SB013.PDF, 347K
14. Winter Protection of Peach Trees and Notes on Grapes, 1890 SB014.PDF, 50K
15. Additional Experiments and Observations on Oat Smut, 1890 SB015.PDF, 987K
16. Experiments with Sorghum and Sugar Beets, 1890 SB016.PDF, 360K
17. Crossed Varieties of Corn, Second and Third Years, 1890 SB017.PDF, 414K
18. Experiments with Forage Plants, 1890 SB018.PDF, 181K
19. Germination of Weeviled Peas. Garden Notes on Potatoes, Beans and Cabbage, 1890 SB019.PDF, 97K
20. Experiments with Wheat, 1891 SB020.PDF, 517K
21. 2nd Report of Fungicides for Stinking Smut of Wheat, 1891 SB021.PDF, 796K
22. Smut of Oats; Smut and Rust of Wheat, 1891 SB022.PDF, 492K
23. Smut of Sorghum & Corn, 1891 SB023.PDF, 279K
24. Enzootic Cerebritis, or “Staggers” of Horses, 1891 SB024.PDF, 99K
25. Sorghum for Sugar, 1891 SB025.PDF, 233K
26. Varieties of the Strawberry, 1891 SB026.PDF, 243K
27. Crossed Varieties of Corn, 1891 SB027.PDF, 83K
28. The Experimental Vineyard, 1891 SB028.PDF, 46K
29. Experiments with Oats, 1891 SB029.PDF, 173K
30. Experiments with Corn, 1891 SB030.PDF, 755K
31. Sugar Beets,1891 SB031.PDF, 341K
32. Feeding Stuffs, and the Development of the Grain Crops. Soybeans SB032.PDF, 230K
33. Experiments with Wheat, 1892 SB033.PDF, 784K
34. Experiments in Feeding Steers, 1892 SB034.PDF, 1,759K
35. “Actinomycosis bovis” or “Lumpy Jaw” of Cattle. Some Observations upon Loco, 1892 SB035.PDF, 407K
36. Experiments with Sorghum and with Sugar Beets, 1892 SB036.PDF, 686K
37. Experiments in Potato Culture, 1892 SB037.PDF, 551K
38. Preliminary Report on Rusts of Grain, 1893 SB038.PDF, 252K
39. Experiments in Feeding Steers, II, 1893 SB039.PDF, 1,853K
40. Experiments in Wheat, 1893 SB040.PDF, 235K
41. Effect of Fungicides upon the Germination of Corn, 1893 SB041.PDF, 336K
42. Experiments with Oats SB042.PDF, 322K
43. Experiments with Sorghum and Sugar Beets, 1893 SB043.PDF, 504K
44. Further Study of Native Grapes, 1893 SB044.PDF, 191K
45. Experiments with Corn, 1893 SB045.PDF, 619K
46. Rusts of Grain II,1894 SB046.PDF, 123K
47. Experiments with Wheat and Experiments in Feeding Steers III, 1894 SB047.PDF, 517K
48. Six Years' Experience with Ensilage. Some Forage Plants. Renovating a Prairie Pasture, 1894 SB048.PDF, 49K
49. Cattle Poisoning by Nitrate of Potash. Mastitis,1895 SB049.PDF, 66K
50. Kansas Weeds I. Seedlings, 1895 SB050.PDF, 766K
51. Steer Feeding IV. A Comparison between Pure-bred Shorthorns and Scrubs, 1895 SB051.PDF, 1,427K
52. Kansas Weeds. Preliminary Circular on Distribution, 1895 SB052.PDF, 114K
53. Pig-feeding Experiments with Corn, Wheat, Kafir-corn, and Cottonseed, 1895 SB053.PDF, 193K
54. Experiments with Oats, 1895 SB054.PDF, 215K
55. Small Fruits by Irrigation. Culture of Strawberries, 1895 SB055.PDF, 835K
56. Experiments with Corn Experiments with Kafir-corn, 1895 SB056.PDF, 289K
57. Kansas Weeds III. Descriptive List, 1896 SB057.PDF, 5,177K
58. Cornstalk Disease of Cattle, 1896 SB058.PDF, 86K
59. Experiments with Wheat, 1896 SB059.PDF, 538K
60. Steer-feeding Experiments, Series V, 1896 SB060.PDF, 1,533K
61. Kafir-corn, Corn and Soybean Meal for Pigs. Kafir-corn and Cornmeal for Cattle, 1896 SB061.PDF, 705K
62. Corn-smut, 1896 SB062.PDF, 1,132K
63. Experiments with Oats, 1896 SB063.PDF, 406K
64. Experiments with Corn, 1897 SB064.PDF, 449K
65. Grafting the Apple, 1897 SB065.PDF, 384K
66. Kansas Weeds IV. Fruits and Seeds, 1897 SB066.PDF, 1,058K
67. Steer Feeding VI, 1897 SB067.PDF, 450K
68. Soil Moisture, 1897 SB068.PDF, 492K
69. Some Diseases of Cattle, 1897 SB069.PDF, 331K
70. Vegetable Growing, 1897 SB070.PDF, 364K
71. Experiments with Wheat, 1897 SB071.PDF, 275K
72. Growth of Young Stock, 1897 SB072.PDF, 26K
73. Miscellaneous Fruit Notes, 1897 SB073.PDF, 71K
74. Experiments with Oats, 1897 SB074.PDF, 506K
75. Root Development of Forage Plants, 1897 SB075.PDF, 294K
76. Fifth Report on Kansas Weeds. Vegetative Propagation of Perennial Weeds, 1898 SB076.PDF, 642K
77. Some Insects Injurious to the Orchard, 1898 SB077.PDF, 1082K
78. Sugar Beets, 1898 SB078.PDF, 345K
79. Bovine Tuberculosis, 1898 SB079.PDF, 567K
80. Kansas Weeds VI. Distribution and Other Notes, 1898 SB080.PDF, 1,458K
81. Feed and Care of the Dairy Cow, 1898 SB081.PDF, 228K
82. The Potato-stalk Weevil, 1899 SB082.PDF, 341K
83. Sugar Beets, 1899 SB083.PDF, 282K
84. Cold Storage for Fruit, 1899 SB084.PDF, 501K
85. The Growth of Alfalfa in Kansas, 1899 SB085.PDF, 69K
86. Press Bulletins Nos. 1-34, 1899 SB086.PDF, 231K. List of contents.
87. Native Agricultural Grasses of Kansas, 1899 SB087.PDF, 1,872K
88. Keeping Milk in Summer, 1899 SB088.PDF, 311K
89. Soil Moisture, 1899 SB089.PDF, 444K
90. Alfalfa in Eastern Kansas, 1900 SB090.PDF, 21K
91. Swine-Plague, 1900 SB091.PDF, 133K
92. A New Drought-resisting Crop: Soybeans, 1900 SB092.PDF, 184K
93. Kafir-corn, 1900 SB093.PDF, 388K
94. Sugar Beets, 1899, 1900 SB094.PDF, 351K
95. Fattening Hogs with Drought-resisting Crops, 1900 SB095.PDF, 985K
96. Soil Inoculation for Soybeans, 1900 SB096.PDF, 436K
97. Skim-milk Calves, 1900 SB097.PDF, 568K
98. Some Scale-insects upon Kansas Grasses, 1900 SB098.PDF, 463K
99. Press Bulletins Nos. 35-70, 1900 SB099.PDF, 223K. List of Contents
100. Soybeans in Kansas in 1900, SB100.PDF, 748K
101. Notes from the Plum Orchard, 1901 SB101.PDF, 4,904K
102. Forage Plants for Kansas, 1901 SB102.PDF, 3,890K
103. Digestion Experiments with Kansas Feeds. Sugar Beets in Kansas 1891 to 1900 SB103.PDF, 791K
104. Fall Seeding of Alfalfa, 1901 SB104.PDF, 296K
105. Blackleg in Kansas, 1901 SB105.PDF, 152K
106. The Experimental Apple Orchard, 1902 SB106.PDF, 1,519K
107. Analysis of Corn, with Reference to Its Improvement, 1902 SB107.PDF, 1,163K
108. The Hardy Catalpa, 1902 SB108.PDF, 6,769K
109. Spontaneous Combustion of Alfalfa, 1902 SB109.PDF, 34K
110. Grapes, 1902 SB110.PDF, 831K
111. Quality in Beef, 1902 SB111.PDF, 2,739K
112. Fattening Steers without Hogs to Follow, 1902 SB112.PDF, 355K
113. Baby Beef, 1902 SB113.PDF, 63K
114. Growing Alfalfa in Kansas, 1902 SB114.PDF, 908K
115. The Exact Calculations of Balanced Rations, 1902 SB115.PDF, 1,147K
116. Destroying Prairie-dogs and Pocket-gophers, 1903 SB116.PDF, 936K
117. Bacteria of the Soil, 1903 SB117.PDF, 190K
118. Flesh and Fat in Beef, 1903 SB118.PDF, 2,242K
119. Press Bulletins 71-124, 1903, SB119.PDF, 399K. List of contents
120. Tests of Forest Trees, 1904 SB120.PDF, 3,714K
121. Treatment and Utilization of Flood-damaged Lands, 1904 SB121.PDF, 4,396K
122. Blackleg and Vaccination, 1904 SB122.PDF, 2,897K
123. Crop Experiments in 1903 SB123.PDF, 4,883K
124. Experiments in Feeding Steers and in Breeding and Feeding Pigs SB124.PDF, 6,916K
125. Experiments with Dairy Cows, 1904 SB125.PDF, 5,182K
126. Experiments with Hand-fed Calves, 1904 SB126.PDF, 2,848K
127. The Roots of Plants, 1904 SB127.PDF, 4,382K
128. Experiments at the Fort Hays Branch Station, 1904 SB128.PDF, 3,877K
129. Kansas Mammals in Their Relation to Agriculture, 1904 SB129.PDF, 4,126K
130. Steer-Feeding Experiment, VII-1903-1904 SB130.PDF, 1,999K
131. Care of Dairy Utensils, 1905 SB131.PDF, 1,901K
132. Western Feeds for Beef Production, 1906 SB132.PDF, 3,807K
133. Alfalfa Seed Its Adulterants, Substitutes and Impurities and Their Detection, 1906 SB133.PDF, 4,370K
134. The Alfalfa Seed-crop and Seeding Alfalfa, 1906 SB134.PDF, 2,595K
135. Grading Cream, 1906 SB135.PDF, 1,593K
136. Press Bulletins Nos. 125-151, 1906, SB136.PDF, 569K. List of contents

137. Variations in the Test of Separator Cream, 1906 SB137.PDF, 1,652K

138. Effect of Bacteria in Wash-water of Butter, 1906 SB138.PDF, 1,743K

139. The Study of Corn, 1906 SB139.PDF, 3,443K

140. Milking Machines, 1906 SB140.PDF, 5,464K

141. Commercial Seeds of Brome Grass and of English and Kentucky Blue Grass. Adulterants and Substitutes, and Their Detection, 1907 SB141.PDF, 3,677K

142. The Value of Oil in Road Management, 1907 SB142.PDF, 3,437K

143. Disposal of Dairy and Farm Sewage and Water-supply, 1907 SB143.PDF, 2,993K

144. Small Grain Crops, 1907 SB144.PDF, 3,267K

145. Spraying, 1907 SB145.PDF, 3,360K

146. Kansas Law Regulating the Sale of Concentrated Feeding Stuffs SB146.PDF, 1,881K

147. Indian Corn, 1907 SB147.PDF, 5,431K

148. Law Regulating the Sale of Commercial Fertilizers, 1907 SB148.PDF, 2,615K

149. Prevention of Sorghum and Kafir-corn Smut, 1907 SB149.PDF, 1,393K

150. The Hen's Place on the Farm, 1907 SB150.PDF, 4,286K

151. Alfalfa Breeding, 1907 SB151.PDF, 2,542K

152. The Pocket Gopher, 1908 SB152.PDF, 1,722K

153. Deterioration of Red Texas Oats in Kansas, 1908 SB153.PDF, 2,195K

154. The Mound-building Prairie Ant, 1908 SB154.PDF, 2,489K

155. Alfalfa, 1908 SB155.PDF, 4,166K

156. The Yellow Berry Problem in Kansas Hard Winter Wheats, 1908 SB156.PDF, 2,201K

157. Studies on Hog Cholera and Preventative Treatment, 1908 SB157.PDF, 3,374K

158. Analyses of Registered Feeding Stuffs, 1909 SB158.PDF, 2,625K

159. Analyses of Eggs, 1909 SB159.PDF, 1,876K

160. Cow-peas, 1909 SB160.PDF, 2,406K 

161. The Influence of Depth of Cultivation upon Soil Bacteria and Their Activities, 1909 SB161.PDF, 2,123K

162. The Marketing of Eggs, 1909 SB162.PDF, 1,995K

163. Hog Cholera and Vaccination, 1910 SB163.PDF, 1,612K

164. Selection and Feeding of Laying Hens, 1910 SB164.PDF, 1,199K

165. Forest Conditions in Central and Western Kansas, 1910 SB165.PDF, 3,900K

166. Spring Grains, 1910 SB166.PDF, 1,671K

167. A Quantitative Method for the Determination of Hardness in Wheat SB167.PDF, 3,356K

168. The Common Mole, 1910 SB168.PDF, 3,274K

169. Fertilizers and Their Use, 1910 SB169, 3,169K

170. Breeding for Type of Kernel in Wheat, 1910 SB170.PDF, 3,639K

171. Studies on Hog Cholera, 1910 SB171.PDF, 4,336K

172. The Pocket Gopher, 1910 SB172.PDF, 3,223K

173. Blind Staggers, 1910 SB173.PDF, 3,446K

174. Spraying the Apple Orchard, 1911 SB174.PDF, 2,405K

175. Grasses, 1911 SB175.PDF, 2,985K

176. How to Grow Wheat in Kansas, 1911 SB176.PDF, 2,255K

177. Milling Tests of Wheat and Baking Tests of Flour, 1911 SB177.PDF, 4,714K

178. Effect of Common Mill Fumigants on the Baking Qualities of Wheat Flour, 1911 SB178.PDF, 4,737K

179. Kansas State Live Stock Registry Board: Report No. 2 (Horse Breeding in Kansas), 1911 SB179.PDF, 9,521K

180. Bacteriological Studies on Eggs, 1911 SB180.PDF, 4,846K

181. The Permit System of Cream Buying, 1912 SB181.PDF, 4,943K

182. Vaccination against Hog Cholera, 1912 SB182.PDF, 2,491K

183. Kansas State Live Stock Registry Board Report No. 3, (Stallion Licenses) 1912 SB183.PDF, 4,477K

184. The Permit System of Cream-Buying (rev.), 1913, SB184.PDF, 2,819K

185. Preparing Land for Wheat, 1913, SB185.PDF, 2,093K

186. Feeding Work Horses, 1912, SB186.PDF, 7,144K

187. Analyses of Registered Fertilizers, 1913, SB187.PDF, 2,351K

188. The Hessian Fly, 1913, SB188.PDF, 4,652K

189a. Mill and Stored Grain Insects, (Part 1) 1913 SB189A.PDF, 6,371K

189b. The Habits and Life History of the Common Stored-grain and Mill Insects, (Part 2),1913, SB189B.PDF, 7,649K

190. The Influence of Certain Substances upon the Baking Qualities of Flour, 1913, SB190.PDF

191. The Chinch Bug, 1913, SB191.PDF, 5,766K

192. Feeding Hogs, 1913 SB192.PDF, 5,388K

193. Corn, 1913 SB193.PDF, 5,518K

194. Potato Culture, 1913 SB194.PDF, 4,025K

195. The Analyses and Registration of Commercial Feed Stuffs, 1913 SB195.PDF, 2,879K

196. The Control of Apple Blotch, 1913 SB196.PDF, 6,044K

197. Alfalfa in Kansas, 1914 SB197.PDF, 2,514K

198. Kafir in Field and Feed Lot, 1914 SB198.PDF, 2,047K

199. Chemical Analyses of Some Kansas Soils, 1914 SB199.PDF, 2,775K

200. Soil Survey of Shawnee County, Kansas, 1914, SB200.PDF, 3.7M,  Map shawneemap.jpg

201. Some Factors Influencing the Bacterial Content and Keeping Qualities of Eggs, 1914 SB201.PDF, 3,367K

202. Kansas Flours: Chemical, Baking and Storage Tests, 1915 SB202.PDF, 6,543K

203. Orchard Spraying, 1915 SB203.PDF, 4,652K

204. Analysis of Inspection Samples of Fertilizers, 1915 SB204.PDF, 3,747K

205. Growing Corn in Kansas, 1915 SB205.PDF, 3,928K

206. The Relation of Moisture to Yield of Winter Wheat in Western Kansas, 1915 SB206.PDF, 3,805K

207. Soil Survey of Cherokee County, Kansas, SB207.PDF, 2.1M, Map, cherokeemap.jpg,

208. Soil Survey of Reno County, Kansas, SB208.PDF, 2M, Map, renomap.jpg

209. The Use of Dynamite in the Improvement of Heavy Clay Soils, 1915, SB209.PDF, 2,455K

210. Smuts of Grain and Forage Crops in Kansas, 1916 SB210.PDF, 4,125K

211. Soil Survey of Jewell County, Kansas , 1916, SB211.PDF, 2.6M,  Map, jewellmap.jpg

212. Sudan Grass in Kansas, 1916, SB212.PDF, 2,177K

213. The Time to Seed Wheat in Kansas, 1916, SB213.PDF, 1,948K

214. San Jose Scale, 1916, SB214.PDF, 3,865K

215. Methods of Controlling Grasshoppers, 1916, SB215.PDF, 4,127K

216. Marketing of Kansas Butter, 1917, SB216.PDF, 7,123K

217. Alfalfa Silage, 1917, SB217.PDF, 3,323K

218. Growing Sorghum in Kansas, 1917, SB218.PDF, 5,118K

219. Growing Wheat in Kansas, 1918, SB219.PDF, 4,915K

220. Soil Fertility, 1918, SB220.PDF, 4,411K

221. Farm Leases in Kansas, 1919, SB221.PDF, 3,553K

222. Capacity of Silos and Weights of Silage, 1919, SB222.PDF, 2,535K

223. Improving Mongrel Farm Flocks through Selected Standardbred Cockerels, 1920, SB223.PDF, 9,090K 

224. Cooperation Applied to Marketing by Kansas Farmers, 1920, SB224.PDF, 3,834K

225. Forage Crops in Western Kansas, 1921, SB225.PDF, 2,839K

226. Fertilizers for Alfalfa in Eastern Kansas, 1921, SB226.PDF, 2,335K

227. Varieties of Corn in Kansas, 1921, SB227.PDF, 2,378K

228. Relation of Crop Yields to Quantity of Irrigation Water in Southwestern Kansas, 1922, SB228.PDF, 2,280K

229. Farm Storage as a Factor in the Marketing of Kansas Wheat, 1922, SB229.PDF, 2,044K

230. Marketing Milk in Six Cities of Kansas, 1923 SB230.PDF, 2,888K

231. Potato Disease Control in Kansas, 1924 SB231.PDF, 3,903K

232. Assessment and Equalization of Farm and City Real Estate in Kansas 1924, SB232.PDF, 2,631K

233. The Relation of Feeding and Age of Calving to the Development of Dairy Heifers, 1924, SB233.PDF, 1,571K

234. Tax Revision in Kansas, 1924, SB234.PDF, 4,762K

235. The Trend of Real Estate Taxation in Kansas from 1910 to 1923, 1925, SB235.PDF, 6,790K

236. Dairy Buildings for Kansas, 1925, SB236.PDF, 2,900K

237. Federal Aid as a Part of a Long-time Agricultural Policy, 1926, SB237.PDF, 2,446K

238. Corn Production in Kansas, 1926, SB238.PDF, 1,501K

239. Crop Production in Southwestern Kansas, 1927, SB239.PDF, 1,458K

240. Sheep Production in Kansas, 1927, SB240.PDF, 4,615K

241. Black Hull Wheat in Kansas, 1927, SB241.PDF, 458K

242. Alfalfa Production in Kansas, 1927, SB242.PDF, 1,105K

243. Equipment for Swine Production, 1927, SB243.PDF, 1,886K

244. The Effect of Shortage of Farm Storage Space and Inability to Get Local Bank Credit on the Movement of Kansas Wheat to Market, 1927, SB244.PDF, 1,966K

245. A Poultry Survey in Kansas, 1928, SB245.PDF, 1,905K

246. Country Elevator Margins and Costs in Marketing Kansas Wheat SB246.PDF, 2,377K

247. Poultry Diseases. Their Prevention and Control, 1929, SB247.PDF, 4,027K

248. Wheat Production in Kansas, 1929, SB248.PDF, 3,649K

249. Soybean Production in Kansas, 1930, SB249.PDF, 1,234K

250. A Report of the Tribune Branch Agricultural Experiment Station, 1930, SB250.PDF, 1,900K

251. Types of Farming in Kansas, 1930, SB251.PDF, 3,944K

252. Crossbred Poultry, 1930, SB252.PDF, 2,890K

253. Tame Pastures in Kansas, 1931, SB253.PDF, 3,380K

254. Growing an Orchard in Kansas, 1931, SB254.PDF, 2,685K

255. Dairy Farm Organization in Southeastern Kansas, 1931, SB255.PDF, 2,756K

256. Farm Production and Consumption of Poultry in Kansas, 1932, SB256.PDF, 1,361K

257. The Poultry Enterprise on Kansas Farms, 1932, SB257.PDF, 1,681K

258. Factors Influencing the Time of Buying Feeder Steers and of Selling Them as Choice Summer-fed Steers, 1932, SB258.PDF, 3,591K

259. The Organization and Operation of Cooperative Creameries in Kansas, 1932, SB259.PDF, 2,152K

260. Soil Fertility, 1932, SB260.PDF, 3,335K

261. Wheat as a Fattening Feed for Cattle,1933, SB261.PDF, 1,534K

262. Tillage Practices for Southwestern Kansas, 1933, SB262.PDF, 1,267K

263. The Codling Moth in Southern Kansas, and Recommendations for Its Control, 1932, SB263.PDF, 1,668K

264. Lamb Feeding Experiments with Atlas Sorgo, 1933, SB264.PDF, 3,204K

265. Sorghum Production in Kansas, 1933, SB265.PDF, 6,003K

266. Varieties of Sorghum in Kansas, 1934, SB266.PDF, 4,102K

267. Lawns in Kansas, 1934, SB267.PDF, 2,247K

268. The Comparative Nutritive Value of Sorghum Grain, Corn, and Wheat as Poultry Feeds, 1934, SB268.PDF, 3,119K

269. Field Bindweed and Methods of Control, 1934, SB269.PDF, 3,757K

270. Hardy Trees and Shrubs for Western Kansas, 1934, SB270.PDF, 3,589K

271. Pasturing Winter Wheat in Kansas, 1935, SB271.PDF, 2,511K

272. Management of Kansas Pastures, 1935, SB272.PDF, 3,975K

273. Soil Moisture and Winter Wheat with Suggestions on Abandonment, 1936, SB273.PDF, 2,765K

274. Capon Production, 1936, SB274.PDF, 3,260K

275. Sheep Production in Kansas, 1937, SB275.PDF, 6,980K

276. Turkey Production in Kansas, 1937, SB276.PDF, 5,590K

277. Swine Production in Kansas, 1938, SB277.PDF, 6,955K

278. Sweet Potatoes in Kansas, 1938, SB278.PDF, 3,571K

279. Smuts of Cereal and Forage Crops in Kansas and Their Control, 1938, SB279.PDF, 3,572K

280. Barley Production in Kansas, 1938, SB280.PDF, 2,476K

281. Blankets, Sheets, and Towels for the Home, 1938, SB281.PDF, 4,465K

282. Soybean Production in Kansas, 1939, SB282.PDF, 3,111K

283. Assessment and Collection of Farm Real Estate Taxes in Kansas SB283.PDF, 4,815K

284. Poultry Diseases. Their Prevention and Control, 1939, SB284.PDF, 6,588K

285. Woodlands of Kansas, 1939, SB285.PDF, 2,403K

286. Equipment for Swine Production, 1939, SB286.PDF, 3,028K

287. Feeding Range Lambs in Kansas, 1940, SB287.PDF, 3,887K

288. Corn Tests in Kansas, 1939, SB288.PDF, 1,529K

289. A Comparison of the Quality of Hard Red Winter and Hard Red Spring Wheat, 1940, SB289.PDF, 2,987K

290. Growing an Orchard in Kansas, 1940, SB290.PDF, 2,311K

291. Deferred Grazing of Bluestem Pastures, 1940, SB291.PDF, 2,499K

292. Kansas Corn Tests, 1940, SB292.PDF, 3,986K

293. Summer Fallow in Kansas, 1941, SB293.PDF, 2,201K

294. Planning the Farm Business in the Bluestem Belt, 1941, SB294.PDF, 1,986K

295. Milk Cooling on Kansas Farms, 1941, SB295.PDF, 1,544K

296. Results of Bindweed Control Experiments, Fort Hays Branch Station, 1935-1940, 1941, SB296.PDF, 2,940K

297. Second Poultry Survey in Kansas, 1941, SB297.PDF, 3,432K

298. Market Quality of Kansas Potatoes as Determined by Federal Inspection, 1941, SB298.PDF, 2,257K

299. Kansas Corn Tests, 1941, SB299.PDF, 2,247K

300. Synthetic Fibers and Textiles, 1942, SB300.PDF, 2,970K

301. Atchison Experiment Orchard, 1942, SB301.PDF, 3,028K

302. Kansas Weather and Climate, 1942, SB302.PDF, 7,310K

303. Farm Tenure Law in Kansas, 1942, SB303.PDF, 1,206K

304. Sorghums for Kansas, 1942, SB304.PDF, 3,347K

305. Area Analyses and Adjustments, Nemaha County, 1942, SB305.PDF, 2,969K

306. Soybean Production in Kansas, 1942, SB306.PDF, 3,551K

307. Distinguishing Sex of Chicks at Hatching Time, 1942, SB307.PDF, 3,548K

308. Economics of Poultry Enterprise on Kansas Farms, 1942, SB308.PDF, 3,497K

309. Factors Affecting Butterfat Prices in Kansas, 1942, SB309.PDF, 2,002K

310. Cold Storage of Kansas Potatoes, 1942, SB310.PDF, 1,423K

311. Kansas Corn Tests, 1942, SB311.PDF, 3,664K

312. Planning the Farm Business in South Central Kansas, 1943, SB312.PDF, 2,191K

313. Tomato Production in Kansas, 1943, SB313.PDF, 2,006K

314. Swine Production in Kansas, 1943, SB314.PDF, 6,999K

315. Capon Production, 1943, SB315.PDF, 3,423K

316. Sheep Production in Kansas, 1943, SB316.PDF, 5,807K

317. Southwestern Corn Borer, 1943, SB317.PDF, 2,332K

318. Barley Production in Kansas, 1943, SB318.PDF, 2,055K

319. Comanche and Pawnee Wheats, 1943, SB319.PDF, 1,116K

320. Grass and Alfalfa Silage for Poultry, 1943, SB320.PDF, 4,013K

321. Buffalo Grass, 1943, SB321.PDF, 6,065K

322. Potato Production in Kansas, 1944, SB322.PDF, 4,545K

323. Kansas Corn Tests, 1943, SB323.PDF, 2,289K

324. Transportation of Livestock by Truck to Kansas City Market, 1945, SB324.PDF, 3,572K

325. Kansas Corn Tests, 1944, SB325.PDF, 3,395K

326. Poultry Diseases, Their Prevention and Control, 1945, SB326.PDF, 7,096K

327. Farm Incomes and Living Costs, 1945, SB327.PDF, 2,451K

328. Alfalfa in Kansas, 1945 SB328.PDF, 2,733K

329. Kansas Corn Tests, 1945 SB329.PDF, 1,993K

338. Farm Income and Living Costs, 1941-45, 1949, SB338.PDF, 708K

356. Dehydrated Alfalfa, 1953, SB356, 9 MB

392. Kansas Agriculture after 100 Years, 1957,  SB392.PDF, 1,404K

393. Coyotes in Kansas (rev. 1968), SB393, 9.7MB

423. Egg Products Industry of the United States, Part I: Historical Highlights, 1900-59, 1960, SB423.PDF, 1,773K

441. Agricultural Research at Kansas State Agricultural College before Enactment of the Hatch Act, (1887) 1961, SB441.PDF, 2,058K

447. 49th Annual Livestock Feeders' Day, 1962, SB447.PDF, 5.8MB

453. History of the Fort Hays Branch Station, 1964,  SB453.PDF, 11.4MB
Fort Hays History broken out by sections for easier downloads:
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J

460. 50th Annual Livestock Feeders' Day: A Half-Century of Progress, 1963, SB460, 6.2MB

468. Fifty Years of Research at the Colby, Kansas, Branch Experiment Station, 1914-63, 1964, SB468.PDF

473. 51st Annual Livestock Feeders' Day, 1964, SB473, 6MB

476. 15 Years of Research at the Mound Valley Branch Experiment Station, 1964, SB476.PDF, 5,258K
477. History of the Tribune, Kansas Branch Experiment Station, 1964, SB477.PDF, 4,313K

483. 52nd Annual Livestock Feeders' Day, 1965, SB483 , 5MB
484. Off Campus Research, 1887-1964, 1965, SB484.PDF, 4,138K

493. 53rd Annual Livestock Feeders' Day, 1966, SB493,  10.2MB
507. 54th Annual Livestock Feeders' Day, 1967, SB507, 7.1MB
518. 55th Annual Cattlemen's Day, 1968, SB518, 10.3MB
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