Historical Publications of the Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station

Annual Reports

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Annual Report #1, 1888

Annual Report 1, 1888 Complete report. AR01.PDF, 5.3M (Same report is listed in sections below for faster download).
Annual Report 1, Part A Report of the Council, AR1_A.PDF, 88K
Annual Report 1, Part B Report of the Farm Department, AR1_B.PDF, 2.4MB
(Includes Bulletin #4, Experiments with Wheat.)
Annual Report 1, Part C Report of the Chemical Department, AR1_C.PDF, 704K
(Includes part of Bulletin #5, Comparisons of Varieties of Sorghum.)
Annual Report 1, Part D Report of the Department of Horticulture and Entomology, AR1_D.PDF, 1.8MB
(Includes Bulletin #3, Observations on Two Insect Pests: Apple Twig Borer, and a New Apple Insect.)
Annual Report 1, Part E Report of the Botanical Department, AR1_E.PDF, 1.3 MB
(Includes remaining part of Bulletin #5, Sorghum Blight.)
The rare color plate above (of sorghum blight) is from p. 68 of 73 in Part E of the Annual Report for 1888.

Annual Report 2, 1889 Complete report. AR02.PDF, 7M (Same report is listed in sections below for faster download)
Annual Report 2 Part A, Report of the Council 1889 AR2_A.PDF
Annual Report 2 Part B, Report of the Farm Department AR2_B.PDF
(Includes Bulletin 6, Silos and Silage, Bulletin 7, Experiments with Wheat, and Bulletin 9, Experiments in Pig Feeding.)
Annual Report 2 Part C, Report of the Chemical Department AR2_C.PDF
Annual Report 2 Part D, Report of the Department of Horticulture and Entomology AR2_D.PDF
Annual Report 2 Part E, Report of the Botanical Department AR2_E.PDF
(Includes Bulletin 8, Preliminary Report on Smut in Oats.)

Third Annual Report, 1890, AR3.PDF, 47K
Fourth Annual Report, 1891, AR4.PDF,  124K
Fifth Annual Report, 1892, AR5.PDF, 47K
Sixth Annual Report, 1893, AR6.PDF, 1.1M (includes Summary of Meteorological Records--36 years, 1858-1893)
Seventh Annual Report, 1894, AR7.PDF, 217K
Eighth Annual Report, 1895, AR8.PDF, 248K
Ninth Annual Report, 1896, AR9.PDF, 264K
Tenth Annual Report, 1897, AR10.PDF, 155K
11th Annual Report, 1898, AR11.PDF, 78K
12th Annual Report, 1899, AR12.PDF, 93K
13th Annual Report, 1900, AR13.PDF, 93K
14th Annual Report, 1901, AR14.PDF, 93K
15th Annual Report, 1902, AR15.PDF, 124K
16th Annual Report, 1903, AR16.PDF, 109K
17th Annual Report, 1904, AR17.PDF, 109K
18th Annual Report, 1905, AR18.PDF, 357K
19th Annual Report, 1906, AR19.PDF, 186K
20th Annual Report, 1907, AR20.PDF, 202K
21st Annual Report, 1908, AR21.PDF, 357K

 (No annual reports were issued between 1909 and and 1913.)

Agronomy Farm reports

1909 Agronomy Farm History, 44K,  Maps, 790K
1910 Agronomy Farm Report, 62K
1911 Agronomy Farm Report, 84K
1912 Agronomy Farm Report, 45K

22nd Annual Report, 1914, AR22.PDF, 992K
23rd Annual Report, 1915, AR23.PDF, 682K
24th Annual Report, 1916, AR24.PDF, 310K
25th Annual Report, 1917, AR25.PDF, 357K
26th Annual Report, 1918, AR26.PDF, 1008K
27th Annual Report, 1919, AR27.PDF, 536K
28th Annual Report, 1920, AR28.PDF, 2.1M

After 1920, Kansas State Agricultural College produced Biennial Reports of the Agricultural Experiment Station.

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