Rodent Websites

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ID Organization Name Web Site Address Commercial Websites Non-Profit Websites Description of Website City State/Province Country
1 RK Chemical Yes No Commercial Company Specializing in IPM consultation for rodent control. Hunington Station New York USA
2 Iowa State University No Yes Iowa State University website warning of claims by ultrasonic pest control systems. Ames Iowa USA
3 University of Nebraska-Lincoln No Yes University of Nebraska-Lincoln discussing rodent-proof construction for drains and feeding equipment.
Drains and Feeding Equipment
Lincoln Nebraska USA
4 Pest Products Yes Yes Commercial website describing techniques for elimination and trapping of rodents in residential and commercial settings. N/A

5 Danish Pest Management No Yes Danish pest infestation labatory annual report, 1997. N/A

6 University of Florida No Yes University of Florida website describing different techniques for sampling of rodents and the control of them. Gainesville Florida USA
7 Insects Limited Yes No Commerical site from the Popcorn Institute outlining techniques used for rodent control in popcorn storage. Wesfield Indiana USA
8 Washington State University No Yes Washington State University website describing principles for vertebrate pest management.

9 University of Nebraska-Lincoln No Yes University of Nebraska-Lincoln website discussing the control of rat infestation. Lincoln Nebraska USA
10 University of Nebraska-Lincoln No Yes University of Nebraska-Lincoln website discussing the control of house mice. Lincoln Nebraska USA
11 Stanford University No Yes Stanford University website listing various wriitten resources for all types of pest management. N/A

12 The Industrial Fumigant Company Yes No Commercial website discussing consultations and services provided for IPM in commercial purposes. Olathe Kansas USA
13 State of Pennslyvania No Yes Pennsylvania state regulations for pest management.
Pennslyvania USA
14 University of California-Davis No Yes UC Davis website for the prevention of various rodents.
California USA
15 Biosci No Yes University of London website describing management of rodents which might be on the endangered species list. London
16 Alberta Agriculture, Food, and Rural Development$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/prm2579 No Yes Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development website describing exclusion principles for the Norway rat. Alberta
17 Health Canada No Yes Canada Department of Health website describing effective control of rats and mice.

18 Kness Yes No Commercial website describing products for rodent trapping. N/A

19 Pest Contol Yes No DIY Pest Control website describing trapping techniques for rodents and birds. Sussex
20 No No website for sales of rodent control equipment. N/A

21 Yes No website for sales of rodent control equipment. N/A

22 Yes No Carmicheal Dist. Pest Control website selling electronic rodent control systems. N/A

23 Pest Management Ass. Of New Zealand Yes No Pest Management Association of New Zealand website discussing biological facts of mice.

New Zealand
24 Sita Pest Control Yes No SITA website description and methods or rodent control.

25 Better Mouse Traps Yes No Selling different types or rodent traps. N/A

26 GTZ No Yes Integrated Rodent Management in Post-harvest Systems

27 ETOS Yes No Rodent Management N/A

28 Agrilynx Corportation No Yes Rodent Contol in poultry farms. Modesto California USA
29 Defense Supply Center No Yes Domestic pest rodent management. Philidelphia Pennslyvania USA
30 CSIRO Austrailia,,.html No Yes Ecologically-based Rodent Management

31 Pest Chaser Yes No Commercial Applications Techniques and Theory Grass Valley California USA
32 Presto X Company Yes No Pest Management Services Oklahoma City Oklahoma USA
33 Oklahoma State University No Yes Integrated Pest Management (IPM) In and Around the Home Columbus Ohio USA
34 Puget Sound Rodent Control Yes No IPM for Rodents Seattle Washington USA
35 Do Your Own Pest Yes No Rodent Control N/A

36 Orkin Yes No Commercial Rodent Control N/A

37 Eliminex Pest Control Yes No Pest Control Services Long Island New York USA
38 Do It Yourself Pest Control Yes No RODENT CONTROL: RATS, MICE, SQUIRRELS Atlanta Georgia USA
39 IPM of Alaska Yes No Integrated Pest Management of Alaska ( IPM of Alaska) Wasilla Alaska USA
40 City of Hartford, CT No Yes Rodent Control Task Force Harford Conneticut USA
41 Yes No RODENT CONTROL Lilburn Georgia USA
42 D.C. Health,a,1370,q,574976,dohNav_GID,1787,dohNav,|33120|33139|.asp No Yes Using Dumpsters to Prevent Rodent Problems
43 McCloud Services Yes No Insect & Rodent Control Hoffman Estates Illinios USA
44 Pest Yes No Rodent Elimination & Biology N/A

45 Government of Ontario Canada No Yes Rodent and Deer Control in Orchards Ontario
46 U-Trap-It Yes No Productivity Software for the Pest Control Service Industry DeSoto Texas USA
47 Texas Tech University No Yes Norway Rat information.
Texas USA
48 Orange County Vector Control District No Yes What You Can Do to Prevent and Control Rats Garden Grove California USA
49 Agrizap Yes No Electronic rats and mice traps. Ventura California USA
50 AB Soveco International Yes No Electronic pest control

51 Natrocell Technologies Yes No Natural pest control and rodent extermination. London
52 Atlantic Paste & Glue Company Yes No Professional Pest Control Brooklyn New York USA
53 Envirocon Pest Management Yes No Environmental safe pest control.

54 Acorn Environmental Yes No PEST CONTROL SPECIALISTS

55 University of Florida No Yes Technical Information - Non-Pesticidal Products Gainesville Florida USA
56 AgroSpecCom LTD No Yes Stored Product Protection N/A

57 FAO No Yes Integrated commodity and pest management in grain storage N/A

58 American Institute of Baking Yes No AIB pest management catalog Manhattan Kansas USA

60 The Bug Clinic Yes No Mice, Rats and Their Control N/A

61 Health and Safety Executive No Yes This website has many different links that all refer to various sorts of hazards at work, this includes pests and insects.

62 Armed Forces Pest Management No Yes Website focuses on IPM strategies as well as has a link to the Pest Management Handbook. Very useful information. N/A

63 Kings County California No Yes This Website from Kings County Ag Department in California, has useful information on ways to control and even eradicate vertebrate pests. Kings County California USA
64 Yes No Website deals only with bird control. Lilburn Georgia USA
65 Yes No Deals only with Rat Control. Lilburn Georgia USA
66 Yes No Badger Control only. Lilburn Georgia USA
67 Yes No Deals strictly with Armadillo Control Lilburn Georgia USA
68 Texas A&M University No Yes Website deals with fireants and how to control them, gives information on how to contract a pest control agency. College Station Texas USA
69 Animal Yes No Gives a great deal of info on rats and mice, characteristics etc., then deals with controlling them. Hartwell Georgia USA
70 Bug Off Center Yes No Gives a lot of info on controlling rats such as rat proof construction, sanitation, sound, and bait traps. New York New York USA
71 Illinios Department of Public Health No Yes From the Illinois Department of Public Health comes this page about the Prevention and Control of Norway Rats.
Illinios USA
72 University of Illinios Extension Office No Yes From the University of Illinois Extension Service is a page on recognizing rat infestations and the control of rats. Urbana Illinios USA
73 University of Hawaii No Yes From Hawaii this page talks about an IPM Plan that worked in Hawaii for the Macadamia Nut Production.
Hawaii USA
74 Auburn University No Yes This is a website dedicated to mole Control
Alabama USA
75 Yes No Beaver control. Lilburn Georgia USA
76 Yes No Bat Control Lilburn Georgia USA
77 Yes No Website deals with those pesty pets we call cats. Lilburn Georgia USA
78 Yes No Website has a lot of information on the damage chipmunks can do and how to prevent and or control them. Lilburn Georgia USA
79 Yes No One may think that a fox is not a pest, but you will be surprised by the information this website gives. Lilburn Georgia USA
80 Yes No How much wood can a woodchuck chuck, well let this site help you with that question. Lilburn Georgia USA
81 Yes No Why you should control porcupines. Lilburn Georgia USA
82 Yes No Site gives useful information on controlling raccoons and possums. Lilburn Georgia USA
83 Yes No This site deals with rabbits and how they can be a nuisance. Lilburn Georgia USA
84 Yes No Everybody knows that skunks are a pain in the kester, this website just looks indepth on controlling them. Lilburn Georgia USA
85 Yes No This website talks about the control of all sorts of reptiles from lizards to snakes. Lilburn Georgia USA
86 1st and Foremost Inc. Yes No Site gives information on sound devices, which can be used to prevent rodents from entering your facility. Gilbert Arizona USA
87 Iowa State University No Yes A site from Iowa State University which tells about rodent management as well as insect management. Ames Iowa USA
88 Iowa State University No Yes This site by Iowa State University gives an in-depth look at an Integrated Pest Management plan. Ames Iowa USA
89 University of Georgia No Yes This site is from the University of Georgia where they look at the control or management of bats, squirrels, rats, mice etc.
Georgia USA
90 IPM Almanac Yes No This site is based solely on Insect Pest Management Plans. Hence the name IPM Almanac. N/A

91 University of California-Davis No Yes This is a site from the University of California Davis that deals with IPM plans for most Rodents known to man. Davis California USA
92 University of Illinios No Yes Site from the Illinois Natural History that deals with various IPM Techniques. Urbana Illinios USA
93 University of Kentucky No Yes Site from the University of Kentucky looking at IPM Techniques for rodents. Lexington Kentucky USA
94 Oklahoma State University No Yes Site from Oklahoma State University that deals solely with Rodent Management. Stillwater Oklahoma USA
95 Bird B Yes No Website by the company Bird - B - Gone Inc., that sells various products for bird management. Mission Viejo California USA
96 Bird Guard Yes No A website which deals solely with the selling of bird control products. Erie Pennslyvania USA
97 Nixalite Yes No Nixalite of America's website where they sell products for repeling as well as managing birds. East Moline Illinios USA
98 ABC Bird Control Yes No Another bird control webpage by the company ABC Bird Control. East Moline Illinios USA
99 Bird-X Products Yes No Firstline Security Inc's webpage that sells anything and everything one could want for bird management. N/A

100 Bird-X Products Yes No This website by Bird X is a giant website that has everything from bird management products to Alligator management products. Chicago Illinios USA
101 Pest Yes No This site from Professional Pest Control deals in products that can be used to manage any type of Rodent or Insect. Pensacola Florida USA
102 Bird Barrier Yes No Website by Bird Barrier Inc., has both products and text on how to manage birds. N/A

103 Comfort House Yes No This is Comfort House Company's website on how to deal with birds and the management of them. Newark New Jersey USA
104 Yes No This page of the website deals with the management of Opossum and Raccoons, as everyone knows raccoons can be a great consumer of grain. Lilburn Georgia USA
105 McGregor Fence Inc Yes No This is a Website by McGregor Fence which specializes in the building of fence that keeps rabbits and raccoons away from facilities. N/A

106 Critter Ridders Yes No This website by Simmons Pest Management gives tips and explains the management of all types of rodents. Memphis Tennessee USA
107 Kin Zone Yes No This website by The Gopher Control System, gives in great detail the ways to manage gopher problems which can become serious in a hurry. Lakewood California USA
108 Pest Products Online Yes     Columbus Georgia USA