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"MB Alternatives: Focus on ProFume and IPM Tactics"

Sulfuryl Fluoride Fumigation Workshop, Aug 19-21, 2009, Kansas State University

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                                                  PICTURES AND SLIDES OF SF FUMIGATION WORKSHOP '09 

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1. DAY 1 slides are not uploaded beacuse the slides shown for the basic training are proprietary contents of DowAgroScience inc.

2. Slides without permission from authors are not uploaded.


Day 2 - Thursday, 20 August 2009

Insights into regulatory requirements for fumigants                      

Dr. Dave Barnekow

Dow AgroSciences

Fumigator perspective of ProFume fumigations in mills and food processing facilities

Mr. John Mueller

Fumigation Services and Supplies

How ProFume has improved the quality of fumigations in the industry                                                  

 Ed Hosoda

Cardinal  Professional Products

Fumigator perspective of ProFume fumigation for Seed

Thadd Bigler

Central States Enterprises

Real-time gas monitoring

Dr. Wat Chayaprasert


Food source impacts on surface treatments and aerosols                           

Dr. Frank Arthur


Efficacy of fumigants against psocids                                                            

Dr. Jim Throne


Trap captures of red flour beetles before and after methyl bromide and ProFume fumigations

Dr. Bh. Subramanyam

Walk to the mill to observe initiation of clearing                                    

Ms. Joy Rogers
Dow AgroSciences

Wheat miller perspective of  Profume                                                    

Mr. Andrew Soukup

Rice miller perspective of ProFume

Dwight Isbell

Seed industry perspective of                        ProFume Remington Seeds Mr. Curtis Ross

Day 2 – Friday, 21 August 2009


Population dynamics of insect pests in mills and impact of  aerosol treatments 

Dr. Jim Campbell


Results of recent heat, methyl bromide, and ProFume treatments at the Hal Ross flour mill Dr. Bh. Subramanyam
Dr. Wat Chayaprasert

Pest management professional’s  evaluation of IGRs, mating  disruption technologies, and exclusion tactics in food industry environments

Mr. Jerry Heath


Economic analysis of fumigation costs                                                                                                                           

Dr. Michael Langemeier 



Fumigation technology: a retrospective and prospective analysis

Dr. Dirk Maier