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Pest Management Workshop Presentation in 2004

May 14, 2004
Speakers Title of Presentations Files
Bob Richardson Issues and challenges in managing pests associated with flour mills Slides
Terry Pitts
David Stang
Blake Murnan
Jerry Heath
Traditional and new grain protectants and their application Slides
Dryacide Video
Suresh Prabhakaran
Brian McSwigan
Traditional and new fumigants and their application Slides
Pamela Peckman Gas monitoring and fumigation management plans Slides
Mark Casada Aeration and cooling Slides
Bill Pursley Sanitation and its importance in pest management Slides
Paul Fields Heat Treatments Slides
Jeff Weier Trapping devices for stored-product insects Slides
Jim Campbell Interpreting trap capture data Slides
Earl Hallberg Management of vertebrate pests Slides
Ole Dosland Integrating  pest management tactics Slides

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