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Beef cow

1998 Forage Facts Notebook

The following files are in Adobe Acrobat ".pdf" format. You will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader to
view these files. Versions are available for the DOS, Macintosh, Unix, and Windows operating systems.

Grasses / Legumes

Smooth Brome fora04.pdf
Tall Fescue fora05.pdf
Eastern Gamagrass fora07.pdf
Bermudagrass fora08.pdf
Old World Bluestem fora09.pdf
Legumes for Pasture fora17.pdf
Irrigated Pasture fora18.pdf
Matua Grass fora20.pdf
Grazing Wheat Pasture fora23.pdf
Small Grain Cereals as Forage: Crop Selection fora25.pdf
Brassicas and Chicory for Forage fora26.pdf
Utilizing Crabgrass as a Forage fora45.pdf
Stockpiling Tall Fescue for Winter Use fora42.pdf
Interseeding Winter Cereal Crops in Bermudagrass fora33.pdf


Forage Sorghum Silage fora01.pdf
Grazing Corn Residue fora02.pdf
Economics of Sealing Horizontal Silos fora03.pdf
Improving Silage Quality fora06.pdf
Establishing Alfalfa Into Cool-Season Grass Pastures fora10.pdf
Native Hay Meadow Management fora11.pdf
Ammonia Treatment of Low Quality Forages fora12.pdf
Fertilizing Grasses fora16.pdf
Rangeland Brush and Weed Control fora19.pdf
Nontraditional Forages as Emergency or Supplemental Feedstuffs fora21.pdf
Summer Annual Forages: Selection and Production Characteristics fora22.pdf
Summer Annual Forages: Utilization fora24.pdf
Methods of Leasing Crop Residue for Grazing fora27.pdf
Estimating Crop Residue Available for Grazing fora28.pdf
Small Grain Cereals for Silage and Hay fora29.pdf
Pasture Renovation Practices for Eastern Kansas fora30.pdf
Sunflower Silage fora31.pdf
Blister Beetles fora32.pdf
Nutritional Requirements for Beef Cows fora37.pdf
Foamy Pasture Bloat fora38.pdf
How to Assemble and Evaluate a Forage Grazing System fora43.pdf
Sericea Lespedeza fora44.pdf
Relative Feed Value Measures Forage Quality fora41.pdf
Cattle Grazing and Soil Compaction fora46.pdf
Soil Type and Forage Production fora40.pdf
Musk Thistle Control fora39.pdf
Forage Sampling and Analysis fora36.pdf
Grazing and Haying Conservation Reserve Program Land fora35.pdf
Storing Large Round Bales Outside fora34.pdf


Nitrate Toxicity fora13.pdf
Prussic Acid Poisoning fora14.pdf
Grass Tetany fora15.pdf

Supplemental Publications

Small Grain Cereals for Forage MF1072.PDF
Grazing Distribution MF515.pdf
Tall Fescue Production and Utilization C729.pdf
Summer Annual Forages MF1036.PDF
Wheat Pasture in Kansas C713.pdf
Emergency and Supplemental Forages MF1073.pdf
Stocking Rate and Grazing Management MF1118.pdf
Nitrate and Prussic Acid Toxicity in Forage MF1018.pdf
Smooth Brome Production and Utilization C402.pdf
Rangeland Brush Management MF1021.pdf
Rangeland Weed Management MF1020.pdf
Prescribed Burning: A Management Tool L815.pdf
Prescribed Burning: Planning and Conducting L664.pdf
Kansas Crop Planting Guide L818.pdf

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