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Beef cow

KansasGrazer (ver 1.5)
Forage System Program

This site contains instructions for downloading and installing the KansasGrazer (ver 1.5) forage system evaluation software.

About the software -- KansasGrazer is a forage-beef cattle systems evaluation program developed for Kansas. This Windows based program allows individuals to estimate and compare forage production and cattle demand utilizing Animal Unit Months (AUM). The program will also estimate AUM production for a number of commonly used stored forages. KansasGrazer may serve as a useful tool for cattle producers, extension agents, and forage researchers to evaluate an existing or proposed forage system. 

Important note on Version 1.5: Due to upgrades made in supporting software used by the KansasGrazer program, ver. 1.5 will not load or be able to use any data files created and stored by earlier versions of KansasGrazer.

Hardware needs -- KansasGrazer software can run on any computer system using Windows 95/98/2000/XP. It will require nearly 4 MB of disk space and will run with a minimum of 8 MB of RAM; however, 16 MB of RAM is recommended for faster operation.

Downloading KansasGrazer -- The installation program for KansasGrazer can be downloaded as a self-extracting, self-installing file named KSGins.exe by clicking on the Download KSGrazer link below. Once downloaded to your hard drive, the auto-installation process must be started by double clicking on the KSGins.exe file. (If needed, detailed instructions for downloading are included below).

Download KSGrazer

Note: once downloaded and saved to your hard drive, the file KSGins.exe can be copied onto a compact disk or zip disk. This will allow for any future installation of the software from this compact disk or zip disk.

  •  Detailed Instruction for downloading and installation:

    Click the Download KSGrazer link provided above to start downloading.  

    If the File Download dialog box appears (usually occurs if using Internet Explorer, may occur if using Netscape): Select the "Save this program to disk" option and click "OK". The Save As dialog box will then appear. Otherwise, the Save As dialog box appears directly after clicking the download link (likely to occur if using Netscape). Follow the Save As dialog box instructions below. 

    In the Save As dialog box: You may use the Save in: box to save the KSGins.exe file to any convenient location on your hard drive. The file name KSGins.exe appears in the file name box by default. It is highly recommended to use this default file name. Click "Save".

    As the file downloads, a Saving dialog box appears indicating the progress of the downloading (saving) of the KSGins.exe file to your hard drive. If necessary, close the Saving dialog box after downloading is complete (may be necessary if using Internet Explorer).

    Browse (go to) the downloaded KSGins.exe file on your hard drive. Double click on this file to start the installation process.

    The Winzip Self Extractor dialog box appears. Click "Setup". 

    Read and follow instructions on remaining dialog boxes that appear to complete the installation process. Note: at the very end of the installation process, the Winzip Self Extractor dialog box will briefly reappear -- please allow time required for this dialog box to disappear.

Running KansasGrazer -- Once installed, the KansasGrazer program may be started by clicking Start (Windows taskbar), selecting Programs, and then selecting KansasGrazer.


  • For more information, please contact:


    John Fritz

    Department of Agronomy

    Kansas State University

    Manhattan, KS 66506

    phone: 785-532-5539


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