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Legally Secure Your Financial Future

 Legally Secure Your Financial Future: Organize, Communicate, Prepare (LSYFF)

This is a national NIFA  (National Institute of Food & Agriculture) supported template program aimed at generating public conversation and personal action. It was adapted for use in Kansas by Carol Young, Deb Sellers, and Shon Robben, Attorney, Arthur-Green, LLC, Manhattan.

Educator Curriculum Package:  The complete Legally Secure Your Financial Future curriculum package for educators includes: LSYFF Background; Educator Guide with Preplanning and Organizational suggestions; Marketing Ideas; Handouts; Guest Speaker Guidelines.  This link is http://www.ag.uidaho.edu/lsyff/

General Public Materials:
  A location designed for the general public can be found on the 'Personal Finance pages' of the national http://www.extension.org/ site.  It contains selected general information and fact sheets.  The direct link is:  http://www.extension.org/pages/11477/legally-secure-your-financial-future

Legally Secure Your Financial Future (LSYFF) Components—KS SPECIFIC:
These materials are ONLY available from a choice of two KSU web sites (aging and financial).  NOTE: Review the powerpoint slides.  Local names and titles need to be inserted.  Other materials may be localized as desired. If you have trouble downloading these materials we can provide them in CD form upon request.


Resource: Wills and Estate Planning by Esther Maddux

  1. Organize Session:
    (Agent teaches)

    *  PowerPoint
    *  Also refer to KSU 'Wills & Estate
        Planning', pages 58-62

  2. Communicate Session:
    (Agent facilitates; guest health care professional speaker.) [Companion web address with additional detail: http://www.aging.ksu.edu/  See programs]
    *  PowerPoint (July 2011)
    Quiz (July 2011)
    Case Study (July 2011)

  3. Prepare Session:
    (Agent facilitates; guest attorney speaker)
    Surviving Spouse's Share Case Study
    *  How Much Will Each Heir Inherit? Case Study
    Co-Owner With Rights of Survivorship Case Study
    *  Kansas List of Case Studies
  4. Evaluation
    Evaluation is always an important component of programming. Each session's evaluation:
    *  Organize Session Evaluation
    Communicate Session Evaluation
    *  Prepare Session Evaluation