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wt_sanddune.jpg (7537 bytes)Wind erosion is a serious problem in many parts of the world. It is worse in arid and semiarid regions. Areas most susceptible to wind erosion onwt_duststm4.jpg (6889 bytes) agricultural land include much of North Africa and the Near East; parts of southern central, and eastern Asia; the Siberian Plains; Australia; northwest China; southern South America; and North America.


wt_horizon.jpg (15938 bytes)wt_grasclmp.jpg (11012 bytes)Wind erosion is a major problem on about 75 million acres of land in the United States. About 5 million acres are moderately to severely damaged each year. Wind erosion physically removes from the field the most fertile portion of the soil. Some soil from damaged land wt_haybale.jpg (8338 bytes)enters suspension and becomes wt_keepoutfield.jpg (8850 bytes)part of the atmospheric dust load. Dust obscures visibility and pollutes the air and water, causes automobile accidents, fouls machinery, and imperils animal and human health.