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There are many different types of tractors and equipment that farmers use.  Farming can be an expensive job because the equipment costs so much.  How much do you think tractors and other farm equipment cost?  Letís look at some equipment and check out the prices. 
big tractor This big tractor is a Case IH MX 240 with 205 horsepower (Horsepower is a term used to describe how much work is being done in a given amount of time.  For example, if you lift a 110 pound bale of hay five feet into the air in one second,  that equals 1 horsepower.  The image showing the price as $112,000 bigger the number the more horsepower it has).  Are you sitting down?  The suggested retail price is about ....
And the implement it is pulling is a 40 feet wide field cultivator with a price tag of about $30,000.  (Rather pricey, donít you think?) A field cultivator is used to mix the soil and kill weeds, while leaving a large portion of the plant residue on the surface to reduce soil erosion.


John Deere 637--another tractor This is a John Deere 8210 with 185 horsepower.  It weighs over 8 tons (one ton equals 2,000 pounds).  Its suggested retail price is $111,500 (thatís more than many houses!).  Thereís a radio in the cab so the driver can listen to music while working. 
There is a John Deere 637 disk behind the tractor.  It is 26 feet wide and its price is $27,700. A disk is used to destroy weeds and smooth the soil.  Disking doesnít leave much residue on the surface.


Here's a John Deere 7810 with 150 horsepower.  It weighs over 6 tons.  You can buy this beauty for about $78,000.  John Deere 7810 yet another tractor The implement behind it is a 15 feet wide grain drill.  It is used to plant wheat seed in the fall.  However, this drill is a JD 1560, a no-till drill, which means the drill can plant into the soil without any tillage or ground preparation before planting.  Its suggested retail price is about $29,000.


The CX 90 is a much smaller tractor with only 74 horsepower.  But this one doesn't have a cab and other features.  So, the bare-bone price on this is about $38,500. CX 90 a small tractor


Case IH 2366-cutting soyabeans This combine, which is cutting soybeans, is a Case IH 2366 and the suggested retail price is $145,000.


This combine cutting wheat is a John Deere 9650.  It can hold 240 bushels of grain in its grain tank.  The suggested retail price for this combine is $164,000 and the header (the part in front that cuts the grain) is $26,000.  Combine John Deere 9650-cutting wheat
So, even though farmers get to use neat equipment you can see that buying farming equipment can be very expensive.