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April/June 2007  -

BIRTHDAYS:  Sharing the Original Birhday Story; Make birthday Celebrations Special: Birthdays Are Not the Only Age Gauge; Making Birthday Parties Fun; It's Party Time, Bring on the snacks

January/March 2007  -  Spanish

GIFTS FROM THE HEART.  The Best Presence; children Giving Presents; Thoughtful Gift giving Can Be an Art; Give Your family the Gift of Healthful Eating; Food Mixes Make Great Holiday Gifts

OctoberDecember2006   - Spanish

NEW BEGINNINGS:  Temperament and Change; Living in Two Households; Picky, Picky!  Tips for Coping With a Fnicky Eater; New Foods, Your Child and You

July-September 2006  - Spanish

SAFE SUMMER FUN:   Safe Summer Fun; The Car Store Offers a fun Travel Activity for Children; Have “Fun in the Sun”; Take a Stream or Lake Hike; Kids and Money on the Road; Tips for Traveling with Children

Volume 11 1st Quarter   - Black and White  - CONTENTS:  Make Good Nutrition and Exercise Part of Your Family Routine; Keep Foods Safe; Use Good Communication Techniques in Family Discussions; Twelve Tips to Have a Happy Healthy Toddler 


Volume 10, 4th Quarter    Black and White  - Spanish  - CONTENTS:  Classify Foods To Help Make Healthy Choices; Vary The Veggies in Family Meals; Help Guide Kids Through Money Decisions; Teach Children Label-Reading Basics

Volume 10, 3rd Quarter     -     Spanish   - CONTENTS:  Include Healthy Foods and Exercise in Summer Family Plans; Take Early Steps to Confront Bullying By Building Self-Respect; Are Food Allergies Part of Childhood?; Couples Should Maintain Friendship for Successful Marriage; Kitchen Safety; Change Kitchen Dishcloths Often

Volume 10, 2nd Quarter   - Spanish  - CONTENTS:  Learn to Manage Your Debt and Increase Your Savings; Be Understanding When Children Share Hopes for the Future; Courtesy Begins at Home; Strive to Avoid the Bribe; Warm Weather Outings Can Be Fun and Safe for All Participants

Volume 10, 1st Quarter  -   Spanish  - CONTENTS:  Grandparents Can Be a Valuable Resource to Teach Children About Money; Help Your Child Develop Healthy Food Attitudes; Healthy Habits and Antioxidants Help Prevent Colds and Flu; Helping The Sore Loser; A New Years Resolution; Make Time For Your Spouse


Volume 9 - Number 4  - CONTENTS:  Weight Concerns in Children?  Check Your Child's Body Mass Index; Self-Respect Has Long-Term Impact on Children; The Grace of Losing; Children and Grandparents Can Share Fun, Favorite Foods; Grandparents Wise to Focus on Mealtime Safety

Volume 9 - Number 3   - CONTENTS:  The Impact of Unspoken Rules; Protect Children from Dehydration; Peanuts - Friend or Foe?; Pregnant and Breastfeeding Moms and Young Children Advised to Limit Intake of Certain Fish; Plan for Back-to-School Expenses

Volume 9 - Number 2  - CONTENTS:   Family Meals Fuel Positive Nutrition and More; Fiber In Your Diet Is A Good Thing; Drink Fluids To Keep Cool, Protect Health; ParentTALK:  Bring Up Tough Issues Softly; Raising Money-Smart Children

Volume 9 - Number 1  - CONTENTS:  Do Your Meals Have Eye Appeal?; Kids a Cookin' Promotes Healthy Food Habits; Clean Hands Are The First Step; Organize Personal Tax Records; Laugh A Little, Laugh A Lot; Dietary Recommendations For Fat Vary For Children, Adults


Volume 8 - Number 4  -   CONTENTS:  One Upon A Mind; Loyalty Choices; Family Game Night; Holiday Expenses; Regular Schedules Fight Stress; Keep The Whole Family Physically Active


Volume 7 - Number 5  CONTENTS:   Involved Parents Make A Difference; Grilling Safety Tips; Parents Corner – Listening Eases Pain of Loss; Parents Corner – Listening Eases Pain of Loss; Parents Should Focus on School Lunches; Students Need Nine Hours of Sleep

Volume 7 - Number 4  CONTENTS:   Bring Out The Barbecue; Working Through Differences; Parents Corner – “Plan” To Teach Self Control; Money, Emotions, and Children; Test Your Food Safety IQ

Volume 7 - Number 3  CONTENTS:   Learning About Kids’ Toys Can Mean Learning About Kids, Too; Choose Healthy Foods; Parents Corner – Discipline As Teaching; Fathers Are Important; Then Comes Baby; Is Tan Skin A Sign Of Good Health?

Volume 7 - Number 2 CONTENTS: Parents As Coaches?   Talk With Child to Avoid Conflict; “Ground Rules” For Eating Fast Food; Parents Corner – The Need To Be Active; I Love You . . . and You . . . You;   Lead – The Silent Enemy; Protect Your Time

Volume 7 - Number 1   CONTENTS:   Choosing Healthy Affordable Foods; Helping Children Cope With Divorce; Parents Corner – Giving Life To Hope; Just Listen; Need More Time?


Volume 6 – Number 12 CONTENTS:   Reduce Health Risks In The Home; Time-Out For Further Review; Parents Corner – Fire Safety For Young Children; Colorful May Equal Healthy; Children Coping With Stress

Volume 6 - Number 11   CONTENTS:   Remember Food Safety When Decorating Easter Eggs; Protect Family Time; Parents Corner – Honesty; Promote Healthy Eating Habits; Tips To Be More Productive; Homework Through The Years

Volume 6 - Number 10   CONTENTS:   Health, Not Weight Most Important; Parents Corner – What A Difference A Hero Makes; Communicate Effectively

Volume 6 - Number 9  CONTENTS:   Children and Weight:   A Family Concern; Making The Transition From Work To Home; Parents Corner – Violence and Children; Controlling Dust Mites; Kitchen Time Can Be Family Time

Volume 6 - Number 8  - CONTENTS: Gift Giving When Money Is Scare; Try Yogurt As Snack and More; The Gatekeeper Syndrome; Parents Corner – Physical Abilities; Kids Don’t Like Milk?; Gift Wrapping Wonders

Volume 6 - Number 7   CONTENTS:   Teach Children About Money; Plan Kids’ Snacks; Parents Corner – Sensory Awareness; What Did You Do Right Today?; Starting New Traditions

Volume 6 - Number 6  - CONTENTS:   Tips for Tailgate Parties and Picnics; How Active Is Your Child?; Parents Corner – Staying Connected; Controlling Allergens and Irritants; Avoid The Morning Rush
Volume 6 - Number 5  
CONTENTS:   Reduce Bicycle Injuries; How-To’s for Hard Boiled Eggs; Parents Corner – Protecting Your Children; Immunizations Are Important; Turn on Family Mealtime; Avoid Procrastination

Volume 6 - Number 4  CONTENTS:   Tips To Help Survive The Summer Heat; Parents Corner – Sharing and Generosity; How To Cope With Food Jags; Conserve Water In The Home

Volume 6 - Number 3   CONTENTS:   Are your Kids Ready for Camp?;   Foods That Help Keep You Cool; Parents Corner – Cooperation and Helping; Remember To Balance Your Time; Breakfast Is Important

Volume 6 - Number 2   CONTENTS: Help Children Survive Souvenir Shops; Rethink the Family Meal; Choose Foods that Boost Energy; Parents Corner – Body Awareness; Car Temperatures Pose Serious Threat; Protect Your Children From The Sun; Help for Allergy Sufferers

Volume 6 - Number 1   CONTENTS:    Is Popularity Important?; Kitchens Double as Classrooms; Parents Corner – Set a Good Example; Cut   Your Water Usage and Utility Bills; Is Our Food Unsafe?