Monthly President's Message
Happy Thanksgiving Epsilon Sigma Phi Members!

I have always thought that the opportunity to learn and practice leadership skills is a benefit of belonging to professional organizations so I’m pleased to take my turn as the president of the Alpha Rho Chapter.

Each month I’ll be sending a message with general information about our organization, how you can be a part of it and what benefits there are to your membership.

This month I’d like to welcome the new members who have joined since the 2013 Annual Conference. They are JoEllyn Argabright, John Beckman, Bruce Chladny, Holly Dickman, Jaymelynn Farney, Crystal Futrell, Rosa Gonzalez, Teresa Hatfield, Chuckie Hessong, Angela Jones, Janel Koons, Olivia Moore, Nora Rhoades, Jenae Ryan, Julianne Shoup, Nicolette Unruh, and Sarah Zukoff

As with most organizations most of the progress of an organization happens as committees carry out their responsibilities. I would challenge each committee to meet by conference call before the end of the year to discuss the sharing of the responsibilities. A list of committees and their roles can be found on the website: Click on Officers/Committees > Committees.

Til next month,

Stacey Warner
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• Epsilon Sigma Phi (ESP) is dedicated to fostering standards of excellence in the Extension System and developing the Extension profession and professional.

Benefits of membership: 
• Opportunities in professional and personal development, leadership, and networking; 
• The interdisciplinary nature of the organization; 
• ESP is the one organization that includes all Extension professionals.