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  • MF2736
    Borers: Management and Prevention: Home and Horticultural Pests

    Anti-borer insecticides are best suited for proactive rather than reactive use. Insecticides can be sprayed directly onto tree trunks and larger limbs. 2-page, 2-color.

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  • MF855
    Storing Wheat

    Insects or fungi in grain during storage greatly affect its quality. Only CLEAN, DRY GRAIN should be considered for storage. Aeration and insect management will minimize problems. 4-page, b/w.

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  • MF2580
    Boxelder and Red-shouldered Bugs: Home and Horticultural Pests

    Describes developmental stages, seasonal life history and control of boxelder and red-shouldered bugs, two pests that are a nuisance to homeowners. 4-page, color.

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  • MF2653
    Ticks in Kansas

    Controlling ticks is important not only because they are nuisance parasites of humans and animals, but because they are vectors of bacterial and protozoal microbial pathogens. 4-page, b/w.

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  • S12
    General Manual: Pesticide Application Training

    Certification Procedures, Pests and Pest Control, Insects, Plant Disease, Weeds, Mollusks, Wildlife Damage, Pesticide Formulations, Labels, Environment, Equipment, Laws, Safety. 116 pages, B/W.

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Displaying 26 to 30 of 45 Publications.

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