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Forming an Extension District

The Kansas Extension District Law, passed in 1991, gave local Extension Councils the opportunity to partner with one or more counties to form a district.  Forming a district involves agreements between the local Extension Councils and county commissioners.

Districting allows local citizens access to the expertise of additional agents.  As part of a district team, agents can dedicate more time to a specific area of program focus.  At the same time, agents have access to more resources and support as they work together in a larger team.

A map of current Extension Districts can be viewed here.  See current success stories here.

To learn more about forming an Extension District, go to the Forming an Extension District Module.  This learning module is designed for boards to use at a meeting as they evaluate their interest in forming a district.  Board members can also use the module for self-study.

Here are some of the tools from the module:

Are We Ready to District?

Districting Discussion Worksheet

Proposed Timeline for Forming a District

Kansas Extension District Law

Dates Extension Districts Formed 

"Kansas Counties Consider Extension Districting Option"

Forming an Extension District Module

4-H in Districts

Best Management Practices for 4-H Programming in Districts

Creating 4-H Synergy in Districts

4-H Thrives in Districts

Kansas 4-H: Vision 2020

An Extension District Summit was held December 7, 2011.  Click below for more information.

District Summit Executive Summary

District Summit Notes from Board Chair Discussion

District Summit Notes from District Director Discussion