GENAG 712: Occupational and Agricultural Injury Prevention

Unit 2: Fall Prevention

Overview of Workplace Falls    Link to Video     Link to Transcript
This film presents a brief overview of some causes and consequences of workplace falls. Topics include fatal and nonfatal incidents, costs of falls, same-level falls, falls from heights, and hazardous industries. Copyright 2012, Mitch Ricketts
Same-Level Falls   Link to Video     Link to Transcript
This educational film explores causes and prevention of same-level falls in workplaces. Major topics include:  1. slipping on slick floor and ground surfaces, 2. tripping on loose objects, 3. stumbling on uneven walkways and rugged terrain, and 4. activities that contribute to falls. Copyright 2012, Mitch Ricketts.
Falls from Heights     Link to Video    Link to Transcript
This film examines causes and prevention of falls from heights in workplaces. Major topics include fall protection, falls from roofs, falls from ladders, falls from vehicles, and falls from scaffolds. Copyright 2012, Mitch Ricketts.
Falls on Stairs     Falls on Stairs    Link to Transcript
This film considers leading causes of workplace falls on stairs, along with preventive measures to help prevent these falls.  Topics include stairway design,  lighting, maintenance, housekeeping, foreign substances, and fall-prone activities. Copyright 2012, Mitch Ricketts.