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GENAG 712: Occupational and Agricultural Injury Prevention

Unit 1, Introduction to Injury Prevention

Video: Course Introduction     Link to Video    Link to Transcript
This film provides an introduction to course policies and procedures. Copyright 2012, Mitch Ricketts.
Video: Traumatic Injury Hazards    Link to Video    Link to Transcript
This film presents a brief overview of common causes of traumatic injuries in occupational and agricultural settings. Topics include vehicles, machinery, tools, falls, assaults/violence, electricity, fires, explosions, engulfment, and hazardous industries. Copyright 2012, Mitch Ricketts.
Video: Workplace Injury Control     Link to Video    Link to Transcript
This film examines methods for controlling injury hazards on the job. Topics include ANSI Z10, elimination, substitution, engineering controls, warnings, administrative controls, and personal protective equipment. Copyright 2012, Mitch Ricketts.
Week 1 Assignment    Link to Assignment
Week 2 Assignment    Link to Assignment