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GENAG 712: Occupational and Agricultural Injury Prevention
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Unofficial Syllabus, GENAG 712


IMPORTANT: The official syllabus changes each semester. The official syllabus is located on the K-State Online web site for this course

Injury Hazard Project
Important: Instructions for the Injury Hazard Project are subject to change each semester. The official version is located on the K-State Online official course web site.
Learning Units
Important: Official course materials are subject to change each semester and are located on the K-State Online official course web site.
Unit 1 Introduction     Instructional Materials are Online for this Unit

Unit 2 Falls     Some Instructional Videos are Online for this Unit

Unit 3 Mobile Equipment Some Instructional Videos are Online for this Unit

Unit 5 Workplace Violence [Under construction]
Unit 8 Fires and Explosions [Under construction]
Unit 9 Electricity [Under construction]