Ag Safety
Computer-Based Training List

OSHA Formaldehyde Standard—required ANNUALLY for everyone who works where formaldehyde is used (e.g., certain laboratories and animal confinement facilities).

Dealing with Hazardous Spills—required ANNUALLY for everyone who works with hazardous chemicals. Hands-on training, including a spill response drill, is required.

Orientation to Lab Safety—required for everyone who uses hazardous chemicals in a laboratory

Flammables/Explosives in Labs—required for everyone who uses flammable liquids in a laboratory.

Hazard Communication—required for everyone who handles chemical products outside a laboratory setting

Hearing Conservation/Safety—required ANNUALLY for everyone who is exposed to an 8-hour average of 85 dB or more on any day of the year.

Respiratory Protection—required ANNUALLY for everyone who wears a respirator. Hands-on training is required.

Personal Protective Equipment—required for everyone who is exposed to chemicals, loud noise, flying particles, falling objects, and other hazards that require eye, face, head, foot, hand, or hearing protection.

Lock-Out / Tag-Out—required for everyone who cleans or services equipment with hazards such as moving parts, electricity, hydraulics, pneumatics, hot parts, etc. Hands-on training is required.

Confined Spaces—required for everyone who enters a permit-required space (bin containing grain, underground vault, irrigation well, etc.). Hands-on training is required.

Forklift Operator Safety—required EVERY THREE YEARS for everyone who operates a forklift, motorized pallet jack, or other powered industrial truck. Hands-on training is required.