Ag Safety
Interactive Computer-Based Training

***K-State Research and Extension Employees Only***

We have assembled a library of computer-based safety training modules to help our employees perform their work safely. Some training topics can be completed entirely on-line. Others require additional hands-on training. To see a list of training modules, including hands-on training requirements click here.

In order to use the safety training, you must have an oznet account.

Once you have an oznet account, you may begin the training process by installing the Course Works software (pdf) on your computer.

After you install the CourseWorks software, just follow the instructions (pdf) to begin your training session.

The training system will keep track of your progress and automatically inform your supervisor and the chair of your safety committee after you have finished. Once you complete the training, make arrangements with your supervisor to complete any hands-on training requirements.

If you experience problems with the training, please contact the chair of your safety committee.