Ag Safety
Safety Goals

1.) Maintain and support local safety committees within each department or organizational unit to:

- Solicit input from employees and students.
- Establish local safety objectives.
- Coordinate the achievement of those objectives.
- Make our concern for safety visible to every employee and student in our organization.
- Make safety an integral part of our everyday work.
- Help coordinate the reporting and investigation of all incidents and injuries.    

2.) Reduce the number of injuries to students, particularly injuries due to cuts and punctures. This will be accomplished by means of increased training, improvements in work procedures, and control of hazards. 

3.) Provide training, improve work procedures, and control hazards in order to reduce injuries from the following sources:

- Slips, trips and falls.
- Animals, particularly cattle.
- Overexertion and repetitive motion.
- Back injuries.
- Motor vehicle accidents.
- Machinery, equipment, and chemicals.

4.) Provide training to help employees and students deal with the emerging problem of workplace violence.

Revised May 2002