Ag Safety

Nothing we do is worth getting hurt: No employee should risk getting hurt in order to do a job. Likewise, no student should risk injury in order to benefit from a learning experience.

Safety can and should be managed. Preventing accidents improves the quality of life for our employees and leads to more efficient and cost-effective operations.

All employees and students have the right and the responsibility to help in the ongoing safety improvement process. We encourage employees and students to assist in identifying and resolving safety concerns as they arise.

As a leader in education and outreach, we must ensure that all facilities, activities, and programs serve as models of how safety can be accomplished in the workplace, in classrooms and laboratories, on the farm, at home, and in the community.

Certain hazards are always present due to the unique nature of our work. We remind employees and students to be especially cautious while driving and when working around machinery, equipment, animals, and chemicals.

Revised May 20, 2002