2013 KEAFCS Officers and Committees 

Officer List Revised December 2012

President: Nancy Honig, Stevens County

President Elect: Cindy Evans, Shawnee County

Secretary: Susie Latta, Marshall County

Treasurer: Sheryl Carson, Kearny County

Parliamentarian: Linda Beech, Ellis County

Vice Presidents

Awards and Recognition: Robin Eubank, Barber County

Member Resources: Deanna Sweat, Post Rock District

Public Affairs: Diane Nielson, Atchison County

Professional Development: Ethel Schneweis, Ford County

Area Counselors:

Northeast:  Kathy Tharman, Doniphan County

Northwest: Jamie Rathbun, Ellsworth County

Southeast: Barbara Ames, Wildcat District

Southwest: Andrea Woods, Kingman County

Immediate Past President: Linda Beech, Ellis County



Audit Committee
  Susan Jackson, Harvey, Chairman
  Bev Dunning, Sedgwick Co- Chairman
  Sheryl Carson, Kearny,  Treasurer
  Nancy Honig, Stevens Co, President
Membership Resources Committee
    Bernadette Trieb, Wabunsee, Chairman
    Donna Preisner, Pawnee Co- Chair- Elect
    Deanna Sweat, River Valley Dist
    Megan Maxson Ferrell, Harper Co
    Kathy Bloom, Seward Co 
    Nancy Pihl. Marion Co.
    Fran Richmond, Frontier District
Retirement Committee
    Barbara Stockebrand, Woodson Chairman
    Diann Gerstner, Thomas Co - Chair Elect 
    Mary Lou Odle, Central Kansas Dist
    Nancy Nelson, Meadowlark Dist
    Carolyn Andres, Multicounty NE
    Kathy Lupfer-Nielsen, Post Rock Dist
The Scholarship/Friend of FCS/First Timers Committee:
    Sheryl Carson, Kearny, Chair
    Jodi Drake, Pratt Co Chair-Elect
    Cindy Williams, Meadowlark Dist
    Ann Ludlum, Southwind Dist
    Anna Mae Brown, Crawford Co
    Crystal Bashford, Morton Co
     Diane Burnett, Miami
History Committee
    Kathy McEwan, Southwind Dist- Chairman
    Diane Nielson, Atchison Co -Co-Chair
    Janae McNally, Coffey Co
    Belinda Oldham, Wichita Co   
Recruitment Committee
    Gina Aurand, River Valley Dist- Chairman
    Donna Krug, Barton Co - Chair Elect
    Kandace Metcalf, Rolling Prairie Dist
    Denise Sullivan, Leavenworth Co
    Sharon Ericson-Fryback, Gray Co
    Chelsea Richmond, Flint Hills Dist
Professional Development Award Committee
    Jamie Rathbun, Ellsworth Chairman
    Susie Latta, Marshall Co - Chair elect
    Nadine Sigle, Post Rock Dist
    Deanna Turner, River Valley Dist
    Connie Bretz, Walnut Creek Dist
    Libby Curry, NW Area
    Deb Wood, Geary Co.
    Andrea Woods, Kingman Co.
Program Awards Committee / Vice President - Robin Eubank, Barber County
    Mary Sullivan, Grant Co - Chair
    Pat Gerhardt, River Valley Dist Chair- Elect
    Valeria Edwards, Johnson Co
    Martha Flanagan, Cherokee Co
    Rebecca McFarland, Frontier Dist
    Amanda Davis, Greenwood Co
    Kristen Penner, Haskell Co.
    Nancy Honig, Stevens Co
    Tranda Watts, Multi-county NW Chairman
Communications and Public Relations Awards Committee
    Amy Lorenzen, Golden Prairie Dist- Chairman
    Melinda Daily, Sunflower Dist- Chair-Elect  
    Nancy Schuster, Anderson Co
    Barbara Ames, Wildcat Dist
    Denise Dias, Sedgwick Co
    Anna Schremmer, Phillips-Rooks Dist
    Chelsi Myer, Dickinson Co.
    Rhonda Gordon, Lyon Co
Public Relations / Marketing Committee    
    Susan Krum, Douglas - Chairman
    Carol Ann Crouch, - Scott Co - Chair Elect
    Liz Brunscheen-Cartagena, Sedgwick Co
    Kathy Tharman, Doniphan Co.
    Kylie Ludwig, Labette Co.
    Rebecca Reid, Cowley Co.
Research and Studies Committee
    Debra Bolton, SW Area- Chairman
    Nozella Brown, Wyandotte Co- Chair-Elect
    Sharolyn Jackson, NE Area
    Linda Beech, Ellis Co.
United Association Conference Committee:
    Nancy Honig, Stevens Co
    Cindy Evans, Shawnee County
    Linda Beech, Ellis Co
    Ethel Schneweis, Ford Co
    Sharolyn Jackson, Riley Co.   
Budget Committee
    Sheryl Carson, Kearny, Treasurer- chairman
    Nancy Honig, Stevens Co, President
    Cindy Evans, Shawnee County, President Elect
Constitution, By-Laws and Policy Committee
    Cindy Evans, Shawnee County, President-Elect- Chairman
    Kathy McEwan, Southwind Dist
    Joann Paschal, Russell Co
    Nadine Sigle, Post Rock Dist
    Melinda Daily, Sunflower Dist
KAFCE Liaison
   Kathy Tharman, Doniphan County
   Deanna Sweat, Post Rock District- Alternate
State 4-H Advisory Liaison
    Christine McPheter, Meade Co
    Mary Sullivan, Grant Co. - Alternate            
Webmaster - Robin Eubank, Barber Co
KEAFCS Rotating Area Responsibilities
  Southwest Southeast Northaast Northwest
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Officer Election Rotation

Elected in Even Numbered Years
President - Elect
Vice President for Member Resources
Vice President for Public Affairs
SW Area Counselor
SE Area Counselor

Elected in Odd Numbered Years 
Vice President for Awards and Recognition
Vice President for Professional Development
NE Area Counselor
NW Area Counselor