The Scholarships / Friend of FCS and First Timers Awards have their own page since they are Kansas Awards. 


General Information on Awards

  • All information for awards is on the NEAFCS Awards Page
  • You will need to be able to log in on the NEAFCS Page.  Here you be directed to create an Awards Account that is separate from the NEAFCS Account.  This is required to complete the online portion. 
  • While applying online, you will be ask to select your state and region.  Kansas is in the Central Region. 
  • The exceptions are DSA and CE see this page for details on these awards.
  • The following are the general steps to take in applying for any awards.  


Steps to Applying for Awards

  1. Review awards available in the Awards Manual or Awards at a Glance.
  2. Once you have selected the award, review the requirements in the Awards Manual.
  3. Review the General Requirements for all awards, pages 3-5 from the Awards Manual.  (Except the DSA and CE)
  4. Complete application.  It is best to use an outline format that addresses each of the required elements in the order listed in the award description. 
  5. Include an action photo that supports the award.  The national winners will be displayed. 
  6. Write a 30 word summary of the application.  This will be used in the awards booklet for national winners.
  7. Complete online application section.  This requires the 30 word summary and will make a cover page that should be placed at the front of your application.
  8. Send application to the correct Committee Chair by the deadline. 



Professional Development Awards Committee is Responsible for:


Distinguished Service Award (Letter of nomination, not NEAFCS application)

Continued Excellence Award (Letter of nomination, not NEAFCS application)

Extension Educator of the Year Award

New Professional Award

NEAFCS Greenwood Frysinger Fellowship


Communications & Public Relations Awards Committee is Responsible for:



Written Press Release

Radio / Podcast

Television / Video 

Educational Technology

Educational Curriculum Package

Educational Publications



Marketing Package Award


Program Awards Committee is Responsible for:


Florence Hall Award

Dean Don Felker Financial Management Award

Mary W. Wells Memorial Diversity Award

Program Excellence through Research Award

Environmental Education Award

Early Childhood Child Care Training Award

Food Safety Award

Extension Housing Outreach Award

Clean and Healthy Families & Communities Award

Family Health & Wellness

Human Development / Family Relationships Award

School Wellness Award

Social Networking Award

Community Partnership Award 



Where to Send Awards

Award Applications and Letters of Nomination must be postmarked by

January 15, 2014 and sent to the following Committee Chairs. 



Professional Development Awards

-- Send to Nadine Sigle, Post Rock District (

Communications & Public Relations

-- Send to Melinda Daily, Sunflower District (

Program Awards

-- Send to Pat Gerhardt, River Valley District (

First Timers, Friend of FCS, and Scholarships -- Due at May 16.