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November 24

We had a nice rain a couple days ago, so conditions are much better now. Let’s look at a closeup of the flagged area.

You can see the plants have continued to tiller if you compare this picture to the November 9th picture. Do you remember last time, I was worried about the crown roots? Let’s pull up a plant to see if the roots have grown.

Well, the crown roots have grown a little bit since last time. Some are over an inch long now. You can see the mud sticking to the roots. If the weather is nice for the next couple of weeks the roots should grow even more.

photo 21

Some plants near our flagged area have some leaves turning yellow. You might think it was because of the dry weather we’ve had the past two months, but actually this type of damage to the leaves is caused by greenbugs. If too many greenbugs attack the plant it could die. But this plant will be okay.


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