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May 9

photo 95

Here’s our area now that flowering is virtually over. The wind is blowing (as usual- it is Kansas, you know!) and that gives the field an interesting, wavy appearance.

photo 96

This is a closeup of our row. You can still see the yellow leaf tips caused by Barley Yellow Dwarf. The big news is that flowering is complete. (I couldn’t find any fresh anthers poking out of a floret on late tillers or stems.) Generally, flowering will occur over a three to five day period in an individual head. The whole field, with early tillers and late tillers, will take five to seven days to complete flowering.

photo 97

You’ve been waiting a long time to see wheat kernels. So, here’s our first look at recognizable kernels, but just barely recognizable! On the left is a kernel that is about three days old and the bigger kernel is about five days old (it is 3 mm long, which is about half the length of a mature kernel). They both still have remnants of the stigma attached to the top of the kernel and they have the greenish-white appearance of the ovule (from the May 4th pictures). Well, do they look like wheat kernels to you?


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