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June 19
The wheat seed from our field is now in trucks. We are unloading the trucks into the metal bins for temporary storage. Later, this seed will be cleaned, bagged, and sold to farmers as foundation seed that will be planted this fall. Letís look a little closer at the unloading process.
The door in the floor of the semi-truck is opened and the grain (seed) falls onto a short conveyer belt that carries and dumps it into the auger. This semi-truck holds about 900 bushels. The next picture may give you a better idea of how the grain is moved into the bin.
The auger, which is powered by a gasoline engine, takes the grain to the top the metal bin where it is dumped in. Our farm manager, Karl Mannschreck, is making sure everything is operating correctly. If thereís too much grain coming from the truck, then the grain will spill on the ground before the auger can take it to the bin. In the background you can see a truck that has 400 bushels on it, waiting to be unloaded.
From this angle you can see the auger is positioned to drop the grain through the binís top door. It doesnít take very long to unload a truck-- about 30 to 45 minutes.
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