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July 8
photo 176 Yesterday we watched bread being made in a setting similar to a commercial bakery. But in-store bakeries are becoming very popular. An in-store bakery is a store of some sort that has a small bakery in it. Today we are going to visit an in-store bakery. We are at the Java Espresso and Bakery in Manhattan, KS. Iím getting hungry again.
photo 177 Just like a large bakery, all the ingredients are placed in a mixer (a much smaller mixer) and dough is formed.
photo 178 Instead of a machine forming a dough ball, a real person forms the ball and starts to flatten it using a rolling pin. What do you think this man is making? (Look to the right.) You guessed it. Heís making pizza.
photo 179 Pizza isnít the only thing baked at an in-store bakery. As you saw from the first picture cookies and pastries are often made, but also speciality breads like we have here. The dough is placed in an oven and bread will be ready to serve in about 20 minutes. There are other ways to bake bread, look at the next picture.
photo 180 This is an automatic bread machine. All the ingredients that are used to make bread are on the table. You put all the ingredients into the bread pan (which is inside the machine) and turn it on. The bread machine does everything that weíve seen done. It mixes the ingredients into a dough ball, it letís the dough rest for a short time like the proof box and then bakes it. And in about four hours youíve got bread. (This is the way I bake bread!) If you want the recipe for a whole wheat bread, click here.
photo 181 Wheat can be made into many different products. In this picture you can see pretzels, tortillas, white bread, whole wheat bread, bagels, flat bread, and rolls. Bread products are very important for a well-rounded diet. The food pyramid shows that bread products are the foundation for a healthy diet.
photo 182 Well, weíve come a long ways since last August. I hope youíve enjoyed Adopt A Wheat Field and that youíve learned something about wheat. This is the Adopt A Wheat Field team that made this effort possible. From left to right: Lijun Wang, Jim Shroyer, and Denise Wood.
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