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January 28

photo 30

Well, you can see from the general view of our area that we got a couple inches of snow last night and this morning. Some snow has already melted. Let’s look between the red flags to see if we can find some wheat.

photo 31

Some leaves are poking out from under the snow. Do you think this snow will hurt the wheat plants or help them? Let’s move the snow away and take a closeup look at the plants.

photo 32

These plants look pretty good to me. A few leaves are yellowing, but that is not unusual for January. I think the leaf yellowing is due to the cold nighttime temperatures we have had the past few weeks. The soil surface is moist, which is good. I looked at the wheat earlier in the week before the snow and the leaves were bluish-green (I forgot the camera!). The soil surface was like a powder and if it had been windy there might have been a little wind erosion. So, if you could ask the wheat if it likes the snow, it would probably tell you "yes" and it wants more! The snow can insulate the plants from cold temperatures and it supplies a little moisture.


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