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K-State Research and Extension Agent Video Support Page
This page is devoted to helping KSRE faculty and staff to shoot and create better videos.
First thing to remember is to identify your targeted audience. Ask yourself, how can I tell them a story in 5 or fewer minutes. This small time frame works best for online audiences. YouTube is successful by using brief videos. If you have more information to tell, simply break it up into multiple videos.
Several important components that make a successful video; keep it short, simple and to the point, utilize good video and audio, tell your story using an array of supportive images and graphics, and stay focused on your message.
KSRE Agent YouTube Homepage
A special YouTube channel has be created for KSRE use in posting your videos...
Instructions for posting KSRE County and District videos... (coming soon)
KSRE YouTube Homepage
You might also be interested in seeing our other KSRE YouTube channel. Click this link to visit KSRE YouTube videos. The videos are produced by our staff in the Department of Communications and Agricultural Education.
Links to helpful resources...
Shooting Tips:
How to Capture Quality Video - By Bruce Sundeen, North Dakota State University
Editing Tips:
KSRE Introduction Graphic - insert this at the beginning and end of your video.
4-H Filmmaking Workshop - vidoes on digital storytelling and videography.
Vimeo Video School 101 - tutorials on choosing a camera, basics of shooting and editing.
Useful Software:
Microsoft Windows Movie Maker - PC video editor as part of the free Windows Essential software. package
Any Video Converter (Freeware) - used to convert your wmv Movie Maker File to YouTube FLV or MP4.
Apple iMovie  - the free Mac video editor.