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This section provides extra resources for people
"Hosting" Connect meetings/Webinars. Check back often as more material will be added soon.

Connect Meeting Microphones: These products work great in conjunction with a Webcam and can offer greater quality microphones with built-in speakers to host either a small group of users or can cater to a larger conference room setup.
Connect>>Phoenix DUET Microphone Phoenix DUET PCS - (available on loan from IET) is a microphone/speakerphone good for a small group meeting around a table. It simply connects to a computer via a USB cable. No software to install. No echoing. Good microphone reception and speaker quality.
Phoenix DUET Executive - similar in size and quality to the DUET PCS, this option works better larger groups. They can be "daisy-chained" together for broader room coverage.
*See IET for what option is best for you, costs (DUET PCS lists for $140.), and where to purchase.

Sample Meeting Announcement: This is an example that you can copy and paste into an e-mail to send to people announcing your Connect meeting. Please edit your information and additions to personalize the announcement geared for your audience.

Contact Gerry Snyder to set up an oppoint to learn the KSRE Adobe Connect video conferencing system.
If you are a first time user, all you need to participate in this on-line meeting is a computer with a Web browser like Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer and a pair of computer speakers.

Please test your computer "before" entering the meeting room at...
This will resolve most connection and interface problems.

To enter the BCI meeting room(*substitute your Meeting Group Name), simply click on the following link during the meeting time and date... (*substitute your Meeting Room URL)

For further information, help and resources, go to our TechWeb site...