Web Camera Set-up

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Adobe Connect: First Users Guide – Setting up your Logitech Web Camera


This short walkthrough will guide you through the process of setting up your Logitech QuickCam (recommended camera for KSRE) for use with Adobe Connect. Follow along with our step-by-step instructions below:


  1. Do NOT plug your QuickCam into the USB port… yet. The very first step to start with is installing the included software from the provided Logitech CD.

  2. During the Installation process, you will be prompted with several set up steps involving your audio and video settings. One of these steps will eventually ask you to plug in your Camera. It is very important to install the Logitech software drivers first before plugging in your camera.

  3. After your camera is plugged in…Properly Positioning Your Camera:
    1. Place the camera itself on the top center of your monitor. This is ideal for maintaining eye-contact.
    2. Be sure the camera’s microphone is no more than 3 feet away from you, and point it toward you. (Most QuickCams have the microphone built in.  See your specific instruction manual for details.)
    3. Finally, try to position your computer speakers (if used) at least 12 inches and angled away from your microphone. This will help to reduce feedback.

  4. Continue to follow the on-screen instructions during the install of the software.  You will be prompted to use the “Audio Tuning Wizard”, and verify that everything is connected properly. For more in-depth information, check your QuickCam User’s Guide

  5. Your QuickCam should now be set up, and ready to use with Adobe Connect.

  6. Good luck and have fun with Connect.