Getting Started: Presenters

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Getting Started for Presenters:


Follow these quick steps to insure you are equipped for presenting in an Adobe Connect Meeting.  


  1. Install the Adobe Acrobat Connect Add-in for Windows or Macintosh Operating Systems. The Acrobat Connect Add-in allows you to share your screen and upload files to meetings.   This is essential to participating in an Adobe Connect Meeting.

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  1. Test your computer to make sure that you are set up with all of the tools you will need to participate in the meeting.
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  1. Install Adobe FlashPaper . FlashPaper allows you to share any document in meetings by converting it into Flash (SWF file) format. This is essential if you want to share any documents during your Connect Meeting. Note- Connect only displays materials in the PPT, JPG, SWF, and MP3 formats.      


  1. Enter or click the URL link provided by your Meeting Host to enter the Connect Meeting Room.           

             Connect>Enter Room

  1. Once the Host has granted you presenter status, you will be able to utilize the Share Pod, and can share your computer screen, Flashpaper documents from your computer, an editable whiteboard, or select recently shared elements. Only Presenters and Hosts can use or edit the Share Pod; note that they will be visible to everyone in the room.

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  1. You can now also sync your Logitech QuickCam with the Meeting, and broadcast your video feed. Do so by coming up to the Camera Pod, and clicking the "Start My Webcam" button in the center of the pod. This will then prompt you with a request to access your camera. Click “Allow” to broadcast your feed.


  1. Once you begin broadcasting you may speak with other meeting members through your webcam microphone. By default, your webcam microphone is activated when you turn your webcam on.  Mute your microphone when you're not speaking.
  2. To activate your webcam microphone, you can unlock the Hands-free feature by clicking on the Hands-free button.  Don't forget to lock the Hands-free feature once you've finished speaking.  Or, you can simply hold the Talk button while speaking to activate your webcam microphone.

      Services>VidConf>     Services>VidConf>


  1. Good luck and happy Connecting.


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