Web Help Links

Web Help Links

On-Line Links for Web Authors:
The following is a list of selected Internet links that provides a wide array of help and information.

The image to the right is a screen shot of WebBuilder. Produced for K-State Research and Extension, it offers a host of help covering the Web, FrontPage, CSS, Web Accessibility, Copyright issues, and more. Check it out.

Oznet's WebBuilder

Web Tips and Help:
KSRE's WebBuilder - Oznet's Web guide with FAQs, tips and Web information.  - tech. tips, help, ideas, color guides and problem solving for Web builders.  - lots of info. and extra help for web editing. - many tools, templates, help and information on FrontPage. - Web design, fonts, Photoshop info. and many Web resources. - this site has lessons for many web programmers and ultra techies.

Design and Layout: - a subjective approach at creating Web pages. - Web site planning, page design and the nuts and bolts for great sites.  - The Eggman: Crazy guy on the Internet with web resources.  - examples of good and bad web sites with lots of tips. - "The only known cure for designer's block." Many Web examples.

Misc. Download Resources:  - Stroud's: this site has it all for helpful shareware and freeware tools.  - CNET: the Computer Network; good site for info, tips, news, and downloads.



Selected Web Sites for Clipart and Digital Images: - National Agriculture Library, clipart and photos.  - Library of Congress: National Digital Library.

Commercial Image Sites: - a gazillion free icons to use for your Web pages. - massive free clipart and digital image library with tons of links. - membership site with 2+ million digital images.