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You can create PDF (Portable Document Format) files by printing from most current applications, if  you have the full Adobe® Acrobat® software. The files can be read using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader® software. The documents will look like the paper version. Acrobat Pro has the most features: Acrobat Feature Comparison

If you plan to use an Acrobat file online, use control-D, and look in the Document Properties box. Type the title of the document here, if it isn't here already. (Whatever is in this title box appears in the search engine results for this document.)  Also check the file size. If it is over 1000K, shrink it. Try File/Reduce File Size. See the Acrobat Basics presentation below for more tips on shrinking files. File names without spaces are best for web use.

Google and Acrobat Presentation:
Includes seven words for better PDFs: Use text. Under 1 MB. Add titles.
Learn to Make Better Acrobat Files in 15 Minutes, Acrobat 8 Pro mini-class


TIP: Help Search Engines Find PDF Titles

Search engines find PDFs, but the titles may look strange in the search results if you don't put a title into the Document Properties/ Description box. The title may look like the file name, path, name of software, etc.
Z:\DOC\FAIRBOOK\2007 showbook.wpd
Microsoft Word - SCF 4H Rules.doc

Use the full Acrobat software to add a detailed title to the PDF Document. The search engine will display it, so people can see that your document has useful information.  In the full Acrobat application (not the free Reader), use Control D or File/Document properties, and add a detailed title to the Description.

See the KSRE Computer Toolkit, Office Applications section, for free alternatives to Adobe Acrobat.



More tips from Acrobat users

Here's a presentation:  Acrobat Basics Presentation

You can make forms that can be filled out on a computer with Acrobat.
Acrobat Forms Presentation

 WordPerfect is very sensitive to printer changes. In WordPerfect, use the Print command, set the printer to Acrobat or Adobe PDF, and close the print dialog box without printing. Look at the document, check the page breaks, etc.  Adjust breaks, etc. if necessary. Go to Print again, and chose the Print button. The page breaks should be correct in the Acrobat document that is created.