Digital Video


This section covers some basics for setting up, shooting, and streaming video over the web, as well as some popular hardware solutions for digital video.


Streaming Video   

 Video Streaming

Have you ever watched a program live over the internet?  

Well, if you have, you've seen video streaming. The Media lab is pleased to offer the service of video streaming. Now you can capture presentations, interviews, or whatever you can think of and have it streamed out live on the web. We can also record, encode, and then post your event on a website or create a DVD of your event.




Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere Premiere is Adobe's powerhouse video editing/creation/conversion software.  It allows you to edit digital video together seamlessly by creating different transition effects, audio layers, and video layers to make the video editing process smooth and straightforward.  If you have an assortment of short digital video clips, you can use Premiere to tie them together and if you want, you can record/place different audio clips into the background.  When used in conjunction with a DVD burner/DVD creation software, you too can create your own DVDs!  Like Macromedia Flash, Premiere also uses a timeline to show movie/clip length.  When you have different clips imported into the program, the timeline allows you to arrange in which order they will appear, and how long you want each to last.  There is also a video preview screen that allows you to watch your video as you create it.