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Video Streaming

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Video Streaming

Welcome to the Kansas State Research and Extension Video Streaming site. This site offers live and recorded videos of seminars, interviews and special events for viewing over the Internet. These are broadcasted and "streamed" using
Windows Media symbol Windows Media Player . If you are new to this technology, go to Video Streaming Test Page to test your media player and to seek additional help. 
Note: The live links ONLY work during the time of the event.

UPDATE: Due to a bug in the latest version of Microsoft Windows Media Player (Version 10), these "streaming" videos may invert and turn green.  Microsoft has released two (2) hotfixes for this issue, they must be installed in the order listed below in order to work properly.


Fix 1: Update for DRM-enabled Media Players Page     
Fix 2:
Download Windows Media Player 10 Hotfix

For more information regarding this problem, you can visit the Microsoft Help and Support Page Here

Have you ever watched a program over the internet? Well, if you have, you've most likely witnessed video streaming. Unlike downloads, streaming allows you to continuously view while loading. This eliminates the wait time for an entire download, making them more compatible with all types of connections.


The Media lab is pleased to offer the service of video streaming. Now you capture presentations, interviews, or whatever you can think of and have it streamed out live on the web. We can also record, and then post your event on a website or create a DVD. Please take some time and view a few examples, to better familiarize yourself with what possibilities you may be able to unlock.



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