Dissanayake, Gamage
Designation Programming & Analysis Manager
On Campus Address : 211 Umberger
Phone(s) : 785-532-6270
E-mail : gamage@ksu.edu
Area(s) of
: Database Management
Web Programming
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Primary Responsibilities


  • Design and develop organizational databases and decision support systems for internal and external management.
  • Provide research, design, testing, and documentation of systems and programs.
  • Provide technical assistance for World Wide Web services.


My Background

I am a native of Sri Lanka and living in the United States since 1997. I am engineer by profession and I have been worked in different skill levels ( Management, Research and programming) since 1987. I am a professional electrical engineer licenced in the State of Florida.

B.S. Engineering, University of Moratuwa Sri Lanka, 1987
M.S. Control Systems, University of Tasmania, Australia, 1993
M.S. Electrical Enginnering, University of South Florida , Tampa, 1999