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Midwest Soil Improvement Symposium
Kansas State University - Alumni Center - August 13, 2014
Key industry experts will discuss the benefits of agricultural gypsum at the fourth annual Midwest Soil Improvement Symposium: Research and Practical Insights into Using Gypsum. The symposium offers advanced education on the use of agricultural gypsum for managing soil quality. It will take place at
the Kansas State University Alumni Center on August 13, 2014, and is co-­-sponsored by GYPSOIL, a division of Beneficial Reuse Management (BRM), and the Kansas Agribusiness Retailers Association (KARA).


Program Agenda:
8:00 AM -Program begins at KSU Alumni Center
Welcome by Dave Schuurman, Chairman of the GYPSOIL Division of Beneficial Reuse ManagementGYPSOIL/BRM
Moderator:  Dana Minihan, Vice President, Member Services and External Operations Kansas Ag Retailers Association Watch Video

Dr. Warren Dick, Soil Scientist and Professor,
School of Environment and Natural Resources The Ohio State University
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Dr. Darrell Norton, Soil Scientist (Retired), National Soil Erosion Research Laboratory, USDA,
and Professor Emeritus, Department of Agricultural & Biological Engineering, Purdue University
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Joe Nester, Owner, Nester Ag, Bryan, OH
Dr. Leo Espinoza, Associate Professor, Soil Science, University of Arkansas
Comments by special guests Kansas Secretary of Agriculture Jackie McClaskey and Kansas Water Office Director Tracy Streeter
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1:10 PM
Jared Morrison, Environmental Manager of Water and Waste Programs, Westar Energy
Dr. DeAnn Pressley, Associate Professor, Environmental Soil Science and Management,
Kansas State University
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Dr. Dorivar Ruiz Diaz, Associate Professor, Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management,
Kansas State University
Dr. Marv Batte, Professor Emeritus, The Ohio State University
Ron Chamberlain, Agronomist and Director of Gypsum Programs, GYPSOIL/BRM 
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Grower Panel, Moderator - Cory Schurman, GTPSOIL/BRM