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PFT: Nutrition, Food Safety and Health

KSRE Program Focus Team (PFT): Nutrition, Food Safety and Health

Mary Lee Chin
Family and Consumer Sciences Update
August 26, 2014
8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
K-State Alumni Center, Ballroom
“The Sustainable American Dinner Plate”
Presented by Mary Lee Chin

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“The Sustainable American Dinner Plate”
One of the significant developments over the last two decades is a national conversation about food and how it is grown. Consumer attentiveness to environmental sustainability, nutrition and safety fuel movements such as local and organic, urban farming, and community supported agriculture. Meanwhile farmers, who are less than 2% of the population, are challenged to produce affordable food for the rest of the 98% in a tough agricultural climate, utilizing modern conventional and innovative technologies often little understood by the public. Examine consumer’s food philosophies and compare conventional, organic and GMO food production by nutritional, economic and environmental measures, and weigh the necessity for co-existence to meet current and future food needs.
Mary Lee Chin specializes in significant food issues and nutrition trends, working with commodity food groups and food industry on nutrition education initiatives. She speaks on some of the most provocative food topics of today, including genetically modified foods, environmental and sustainability issues and alternative sweeteners, exploring the science while respecting individual philosophies. Mary Lee received her undergraduate education in Foods and Nutrition from Purdue University, a MS in Clinical Nutrition from Case Western Reserve University, and her internship at the Cleveland Veteran’s Administration Hospital. She is regularly consulted by local and national media, working to clarify news about controversial nutrition issues and countering myths and misinformation.